Drivers could face huge fine and even penalty points for wearing winter coat in car

DRIVERS could face a huge fine and even receive penalty points for wearing their winter coats in the car.

As the weather gets colder, it’s crucial to be aware that breaking this little-known driving rule could land you in trouble.

Drivers could be slapped with a hefty fine this winter if they are caught removing their coat behind the wheel


Drivers could be slapped with a hefty fine this winter if they are caught removing their coat behind the wheelCredit: Getty

Motorists have been warned that driving while wearing their coats behind the wheel could result in a whopping £100 fine.

While having a coat on is not against the law, the action of removing it while on the road is considered a breach of the Highway Code.

Although it may seem like a harmless act, shimmying out of a jacket forces drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel which is considered dangerous.

According to, one in eight UK drivers have admitted to removing their coats while on the road – even despite the dangers. 


Ash Young, founder of, told the Express: “The survey highlights the need for drivers to be aware of the potential consequences of what seem like simple actions such as taking off layers while driving”.

If drivers are caught taking off their coats while operating their vehicles, police officers are likely to slap them with a £100 on-the-spot fine.

A total of three penalty points may also be issued for careless driving if they are caught in the act.

But this isn’t the only thing that could see you slapped with a hefty fine this winter.

Drivers have been warned about several common painkillers that could land them huge fines if they’re caught using them while behind the wheel.

Experts have advised drivers to take extra care this winter while driving on wet and icy roads – and urge people to check with their GP before driving when taking new medications.

If you don’t tell the DVLA about certain conditions, you could end up being slapped with a hefty £1,000 fine.

The RAC warns on its website: “Many legal medicines and widely-used painkillers could impair your driving and it’s an offence in EnglandScotland, and Wales to drive with specified limits of certain drugs in your blood.”

Motorists are also facing £100 fines from next month as a new parking law has been introduced.

From December 11, Scottish councils will have the power to enforce new rules cracking down on certain offences.

These include a complete ban on pavement parking, double parking (defined as parking more than 50cm from the edge of the road) and parking at dropped kerbs.

And drivers are facing £80 fines just by parking at the supermarket – but there are different rules for EVs.

Motorists need to be aware that charging points up and down the country have regulations just like normal car parking spaces do.

While it might sound obvious, petrol and diesel owners will be charged if they leave their cars in EV spaces.

This rule applies for all charging stations, not only supermarket car parks.


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