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Deeno X1500 Portable Power Station

The Deeno X1500 Portable Power Station is a versatile and robust device, striking a balance between portability, power, and cost, suitable for a variety of scenarios ranging from outdoor adventures to emergency power needs.

It is designed for scenarios requiring mobile power solutions, such as camping, emergency power outages, or outdoor work. It stands out for its ability to power a wide range of devices, bridging the gap between small, limited-capacity power banks and larger, less portable power solutions​​​​.


Physically, the Deeno X1500 weighs around 32 pounds and measures 15.4 inches in length, 8.9 inches in depth, and 9.4 inches in height. This makes it compact enough to fit in the back of a car without sacrificing much luggage space. It features a durable design with a robust handle for ease of transport.

It has a wireless charging pad on top for smartphones or other wireless charging-enabled devices, along with a wide array of ports available to charge from:

  • 3x 120V AC
  • 3x USB-A
  • 2x USB-C fast charge
  • Car charger
  • 12V DC
  • 24V DC

There is an LED panel that can be used as a light or for emergencies. It provides three different levels of brightness, and has an SOS flashing feature.


The X1500 boasts a 1,036Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, capable of delivering a continuous 1,500 watts of pure sine wave power, peaking at 3,000W if needed. The diverse ports and connections make it capable of powering a wide array of devices from laptops and phones to small refrigerators and power tools. Its LiFePO4 battery offers advantages over lithium-ion batteries in terms of safety and longevity​​​​.


Using the Deeno X1500 was generally a positive experience. It includes a large LCD panel at the front, providing vital information like battery status, charging time, and power levels. However, the charging time can be slow, taking over 6 hours via AC adapter and up to 10 hours with solar charging.

I really appreciate how compact it is compared to similar units I have used and reviewed. The handles pop up, which makes it easier and more comfortable to move around. I’ve seen some report concerns that the retractable popup handles might eventually break or wear out, but it’s a nice touch in my opinion.

We used this on a weekend camping trip and had no issues. We were able to run a fan, plug in a small light, and keep a number of smartphones and tablets charged throughout the trip.



  • Long battery life with the LiFePO4 battery.
  • Offers a wide array of power outputs to suit different needs.
  • Good value for the price, offering versatility and robust power capabilities​​​​​​.


  • The durability of some components may be an issue.
  • Slow charging times, especially when using solar power.

The Deeno X1500 Portable Power Station is recommended for those who need a reliable and versatile power source for outdoor activities, emergency situations, or mobile work environments. It offers a good balance of capacity, portability, and price, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of users. The Deeno X1500 is available from Amazon for $749. The portable solar panel for the X1500 is $399. You can save a little by buying them together as a bundle for $1,099.

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