Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Takes ‘Sh*t Talk’ to Another Level in Latest ‘Lead From Behind’ PSA

As NFL fans gear up for Sunday’s hotly anticipated round 2 matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott has teamed up with Maximum Effort and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s “Lead From Behind” initiative to dole out some pregame “Sh*t Talk” meant to motivate lifesaving measures. 

In the 84-second-long video, titled Talking Sh*t with Dak Prescott, the 30-year-old athlete—who is considered at risk for colon cancer after losing his mother to the disease—begins with a sincere, empathetic message to fans who have had some choice words about him in the past. 

“As a professional quarterback, I get a lot of sh*t,” he says earnestly into the camera, against a montage of fan grievances, one of whom angrily shouts, “You have more turnovers than a bake sale!”

The affable athlete continued, “And I get it … when you’re not a fan of something … sh*tting on it can make you feel good. But what if I told you that now … it can do some good too?” 

Prescott then goes on to encourage those 45 years or older to talk to their doctors about getting screened and then demonstrates the usage of Cologuard, an at-home screening kit—incentivizing the audience to place stickers of things “they want to sh*t on” to make the process easier and more enjoyable. 

To the hilarious delight of Dallas fans and the chagrin, horror and potential ire of Miami, San Francisco, Cleveland and Philadelphia fans, Prescott’s choice of stickers sets the tone for some brutal burns. 

“Not a fan of marine life?” he says as a dolphin sticker flashes across the screen. “Slap it on!” 

He then adds, “It works on anything … from colors … to large American predatory birds,” reserving his final swipes for the Browns and Eagles, the 2023 NFC championship team (and the other half of this year’s Super Bowl, aka “Kelce Bowl”), before concluding his tutorial. 

“It’s that easy to get screening for colon cancer, and make your feelings abundantly clear,” he deadpans. 

Reynolds then chimes in with a reliably comedic voice-over praising Prescott for doing the PSA despite not being the target age or the “average risk” demo for the screening kit. 

“…He’s so committed to preventing people from getting colon cancer that he agreed to star in this video that we wrote for him without any concern for his safety,” Reynolds says as stickers referencing the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions are revealed as the kit revolves, before stopping on a final image of Reynolds as the smiling, disfigured Deadpool. 

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