Consulting firm PwC to be largest customer of OpenAI’s enterprise product | Company News

PwC will provide the product, ChatGPT Enterprise, to around 100,000 of its employees in the USA and the UK

Photo: Bloomberg

Raghav Aggarwal New Delhi

Consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on Wednesday announced that it will become the largest customer of OpenAI’s enterprise product and also its first reseller. It will provide the product, ChatGPT Enterprise, to around 100,000 of its employees in the USA and the UK.

“Recognising the immense potential of AI, we have strategically invested in this area for years,” PwC said in a statement.

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“Building upon this commitment, our US and UK firms have signed an agreement with OpenAI, making PwC OpenAI’s first reseller for ChatGPT Enterprise and the largest user of the product.”

As a part of its efforts to monetise generative artificial intelligence (AI) products, OpenAI launched the enterprise version of ChatGPT in August last year. It offers unlimited interactions and is more flexible to build models for different use cases.

“We will also benefit from access to the latest tools, which will include OpenAI’s recently announced ChatGPT-4.0 model and new capabilities focused on voice and image,” PwC said.

Last year, in April, PwC US had announced plans to invest $1 billion over the next three years to expand and scale its AI offerings.

“We have already identified over 3,000 internal GenAI use cases, which is driving an end-to-end transformation within our own business and represents endless potential applications for clients across various industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and more,” it said on Wednesday.

“We are actively engaged in GenAI with 950 of our top 1,000 US consulting client accounts alongside discussing the use and implications of AI with many of our audit clients, emphasising the near-universal demand across industries for the transformative power of this technology.”

Last month, OpenAI said that ChatGPT’s enterprise version has around 600,000 users worldwide. The agreement with PwC would make it 700,000. However, it is yet unclear when and how this partnership will be extended to PwC’s other global operations.


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