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Compact Sony Xperia 5 V to be slightly more compressed than the Xperia 5 IV

An interesting tidbit about the Sony Xperia 5 V has been offered up by display specialist Ross Young. He recently tweeted, “Next Sony Xperia Compact will be 6.05”, and before anyone could get too excited about the prospect of a brand-new mysterious Xperia device or the hoped-for Xperia Ace IV, he also mentioned, “Part of 5 series” in a follow-up post. So, it seems the 2023 Mark 5 model of the Xperia 5 will get a 6.05-inch display size.

For those keeping an eye on Sony’s compactness claim, this is actually a bit smaller than the measurement for the 2022 model, which came in a comparatively lengthy 6.1-in format (actually 6.14 according to some sites). It may only be less than a tenth of an inch of reduction for the Xperia 5 V, but it is still a move in the right direction for those who balk at accepting the current definition of a compact smartphone being something that is over 6 inches.

Undoubtedly, Sony will market the Xperia 5 V as its compact offering, which in comparison with the flagship Xperia 1 line is understandable (6.5 inches and above). It might offend those who remember such models as the pocketable Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact from 2018 at 5.3 inches or 2015’s Xperia Z5 Compact at a hand-friendly 5.0 inches, but unless Sony brings the more petite Ace line to an international market then a 6.05-in Xperia 5 V brimming with high-end components and a cutting-edge display will have to suffice.

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