Comedians in Cars Testing Panties: Natasha Leggero and X Mayo Hit the Road for Thinx

Natasha Leggero describes her period as “a brave-hearted warrior on the battlefield” and admits she once leaked in a wave pool at a water park—and blamed it on someone else.

Her compadre X Mayo likens her monthly menses to “a serial killer who cannot be satisfied.”

If you’re not up for this kind of real talk, then the new campaign from period care company Thinx may not appeal to you. But for everyone else, there’s a two-minute Girls Trip-esque video that combines a product demo with cheeky improv, slapstick humor and sight gags, set against the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. 

The work, from BBDO L.A. and BBDO Atlanta, is called “12 Hour Period Road Trip,” but an alternate tagline could be “Comedians in Cars Testing Panties.”

Shot in a single day while both women were on their periods, per the brand, Leggero and X Mayo ad libbed and road raged their way through the town’s notorious traffic while keeping up a free-flowing conversation, if you will.

The comedians are showcasing a new absorbent product that’s been more than two years in development, per Thinx, called LeakSafe Barrier that touts its 12-hour protection.

Bloody good jokes

“They were real bleeders telling real jokes about a really normal bodily function,” BBDO creatives said in a statement. The experiment aimed to sweep away shame, “while giving space for people that bleed to talk about this centuries-old taboo topic.”

Walking the walk of women’s representation on the project included a female director (Lara Everly), female producers, creative directors and account managers, per the agency.

There are definite ‘Girls Trip’ vibes in the new Thinx campaign with Natasha Leggero and X Mayo.Thinx, BBDO

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