ClickUp adds role-based AI capabilities for teams

Productivity platform ClickUp has added a host of new role-based AI capabilities, designed to help boost productivity for employees across all departments.

The new capabilities, dubbed ClickUp AI, provide more than 100 fully templated prompts that deliver role-based AI tools for teams, including marketing, sales, engineering, and project management.

For example, prompts for generating promotional material include providing ClickUp AI with information about the target audience, a product’s unique selling points, details of the promotion such as discount codes, and tone of voice.

When it comes to meeting the needs of enterprise customers, any company that does not have an AI strategy in the productivity space is going to be left behind, said ClickUp’s director of product and engineering Hari Rajagopalan. ClickUp is going to continue betting hard on the technology because of the productivity gains AI has the potential to offer, Rajagopalan said.

“ClickUp has always been about saving people a day a week [due to productivity gains] and we think that with AI, you can probably save two or more days a week,” he said.

Starting Tuesday, ClickUp users will be able to select their role within the business, pick from a variety of predetermined prompts, fill out the appropriate fields, and then have AI generate the necessary content, such as a case study or model schema.

Users will also be able to use the AI functionality to check their spelling and grammar to help minimize the number of mistakes in human-generated content. Written content can be translated into 12 languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

There are also a number of summarization tools offered to users, including instant AI-generated recaps of long tasks or comment threads and summaries of lengthy documents such as whitepapers, meeting notes, or research findings. Action items can also be generated, allowing users to identify what needs to be done so they can organize the next steps and assign owners.

Like most vendors that have started to embed AI capabilities into their platforms, ClickUp has been taking a two-pronged approach to the development of its offerings, working with external vendors in addition to using internal skill sets to develop the functionality that has been added to the platform.

The ClickUp AI model has been created and trained in-house, but the company also uses OpenAI’s GPT models with licensing to ensure customer data is not accessed by OpenAI for training purposes.

ClickUp also has very strict terms and conditions to ensure transparency for users around how their data can be used.

“We have contracts with like our vendors that specify how they use the data, making sure they’re not using any personal identifying information or reusing any of our data for regular AI training or model building,” explained Vardhan Dharnidarka, head of AI/ML at ClickUp.

ClickUp customers across all tiers will have access to a free trial of ClickUp AI, with users on the Free Forever tier able to carry out 25 tasks, which rises to 50 for Unlimited and Business users, and 100 for those on the Business+ and Enterprise plans.

Free trials are determined by task quotas and are not time limited. Once the free trial has ended, customers can permanently add ClickUp AI to any Workspace on a paid plan for the introductory price of $5 per member per month.

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