City Builder ‘Tropico’ Comes to Quest, Letting You Become El Presidente of Your Own Banana Republic

Your banana republic awaits, as the popular single-player city builder Tropico is now available on Quest.

Developers Feral Interactive and Kalypso Media Digital released Tropico on Quest, bringing Tropico 4 (2011) to VR for the first time in a direct port.

If you’ve never played the Tropico series, the classic city builder lets you take on the role of El Presidente, where you’re given the reigns of your own island-based nation, letting you transform the tropical paradise into an industrial powerhouse, a tourist playground and a budding superpower.

The VR adaptation includes everything from the original, including over 40 missions and an endlessly replayable Sandbox mode which were introduced in both the base game and DLC over the years.

You can get it on Quest, priced at $30. Feral Interactive, which handled porting the game to VR, says it’s also updated in-game artwork to better fit the platform, and made a major overhaul of the UI to make sure that all Tropico’s core tools and key information are easily accessible.

This is Feral Interactive’s first VR port; the studio has been involved in a number of mobile and Nintendo Switch ports over the years, including Alien: Isolation, Side Meier’s Railroads!, Hitman: Blood money – Reprisal, and more


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