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China Telecom And Smartphone Giants Forge Alliance For Satellite-Connected Flagship Phone

Satellite-Connected Flagship Phones

In a significant development at the China Telecom satellite mobile communication industry development forum this afternoon, China Telecom has officially announced a collaboration with leading smartphone manufacturers including Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, ZTE, and Meizu. Together, they aim to promote a new “flagship standard” for consumer satellite phones.

The groundbreaking initiative involves the creation of satellite-connected smartphones that can directly connect to satellites, opening up possibilities for enhanced communication in remote areas. The goal is to have at least five flagship models from various manufacturers listed by the end of 2024.

China Telecom plans to actively support these flagship models by prioritizing their procurement, targeting a volume of over 5 million units. These devices will be seamlessly integrated into China Telecom’s channels, ensuring a comprehensive 100% promotion.

According to Li Kun, the general manager of Honor Terminal Limited company, satellite communication is poised to become an essential feature of flagship smartphones. Despite current challenges such as antenna miniaturization, power consumption, and heat dissipation, Honor is making strides in satellite communication technology. They aim to achieve smaller antennas, longer call ranges, and an overall improved communication experience. Li Kun envisions a future where intelligent terminals will enter a “terrestrial + satellite” dual communication era.

Adding to the momentum, OPPO has announced that its next-generation Find flagship products, particularly the anticipated OPPO Find X7 series, will support satellite communications technology. This move further underscores the industry’s commitment to advancing connectivity options and expanding the capabilities of modern smartphones.

As these major players in the smartphone industry join forces to drive satellite communication technology, consumers can anticipate a new era where flagship smartphones seamlessly connect both to terrestrial networks and satellites, ensuring communication remains reliable even in the most remote locations.

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