Cheating the Spotify System: Buying Plays to Boost Your Artist Account

Cheating the Spotify System: Buying Plays to Boost Your Artist Account

In the competitive world of music streaming, standing out on platforms like Spotify can be a daunting challenge for artists. With millions of tracks vying for attention, gaining visibility often requires more than just talent and hard work. This is where the concept of ‘cheating’ the Spotify system comes into play, particularly through buying plays to boost artist accounts. This strategy, while controversial, has become a not-so-secret approach for many seeking to break through the noise and get their music heard.

How to Cheat Spotify

Cheating the Spotify system essentially means manipulating the platform’s algorithms to one’s advantage. The algorithms are designed to promote tracks and artists based on popularity metrics, primarily the number of plays and engagement a track receives. By artificially inflating these numbers, artists can trick the algorithm into thinking their music is more popular than it actually is. This manipulation can lead to increased visibility, as Spotify starts recommending the track to more users, believing it to be trending or in-demand.

Buying Spotify Streams

Buying Spotify streams is the most direct method of cheating the system. This involves paying for a service that artificially increases the play count of your tracks. The logic behind this is simple: higher play counts make an artist or track appear more popular, attracting more organic listeners. This method can be particularly appealing for new or struggling artists desperate for a breakthrough. The increased play count can lead to better placement on playlists, more recommendations by Spotify’s algorithm, and, as a result, more genuine listeners and followers. There are a number of providers for such a service, some recommendations on the best ones can be found here.

Is It Risky?

While buying Spotify plays can offer a quick boost, it comes with its risks. Spotify’s algorithms are constantly evolving to detect and penalize artificial play inflation. If detected, artists risk having their music removed from the platform or their accounts suspended. Moreover, there’s a moral and ethical consideration, as this practice can be seen as deceptive, undermining the efforts of artists who grow their audience organically.

Finding a Reliable Provider

Despite the risks, if an artist decides to pursue this route, finding a reliable provider is crucial. BuySocialToday stands out as a recommended company for purchasing Spotify streams. They offer a service that is touted as risk-free, with competitive pricing. BuySocialToday claims to provide a seamless way to boost the number of plays on an account, signaling to Spotify that the account is popular. This, in turn, can lead to Spotify recommending the account to other listeners, further boosting the account’s visibility and growth.

The Mechanics of Boosting Plays

The process of boosting plays through services like BuySocialToday is straightforward. Once an artist subscribes to their service, the company uses its network to increase the play count of the specified tracks. This increase is not just about inflating numbers; it’s strategically done to mimic organic growth patterns, making it less detectable by Spotify’s algorithms. The goal is to enhance the track’s metrics subtly yet effectively, leading to a higher ranking in Spotify’s search results and playlists.

The Ripple Effect of Increased Plays

The impact of buying plays can extend far beyond just higher numbers. When a track shows a significant number of plays, it naturally piques the interest of organic listeners. It creates a perception of popularity and quality, often leading listeners to give the track a chance. Furthermore, Spotify’s algorithm, noting this increased activity, may place the track on popular playlists or suggest it to users with similar music tastes, creating a ripple effect of organic growth and exposure.

Long-Term Benefits for Artists

For artists, the long-term benefits of this strategy can be substantial. Increased visibility often translates into more genuine followers, higher engagement, and potentially more opportunities for monetization and collaborations. It can be particularly beneficial for emerging artists struggling to get their first big break in the industry. By appearing more popular, they can attract the attention of record labels, event organizers, and music collaborators, opening doors that might otherwise have remained closed.

Ethical Considerations and Strategic Use

It’s important to note that while buying plays can offer short-term benefits, it should be used strategically and ethically. Overdependence on such tactics without focusing on actual talent and quality content can lead to a hollow brand with little to no real audience engagement. Artists are encouraged to use these services as a stepping stone to gain initial visibility but should primarily focus on honing their craft and building genuine connections with their audience.


In conclusion, cheating the Spotify system by buying plays is a tactic employed by some artists to boost their accounts’ visibility. While it comes with risks and ethical considerations, services to purchase plays offer a seemingly risk-free and cost-effective solution to help artists gain that initial momentum on Spotify. This strategy, when used wisely, can lead to Spotify recommending the account to a broader audience, thereby boosting the account further. However, artists should balance this approach with efforts to grow their audience organically, ensuring a sustainable and authentic music career.

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