Cheapest place to buy mince pies this week – and it’s not Aldi or Lidl

CHRISTMAS is coming and mince pies have made their way to the supermarket shelves once more.

With so much choice making a decision can be hard so we have started by finding out where the cheapest deal is.

We have rounded up the best offers on mince pies this week and found the cheapest.


We have rounded up the best offers on mince pies this week and found the cheapest.

Shoppers have already started to stock up the Christmas cupboards with things such as Baileys and Christmas chocs.

As soon as December hits it is likely that mulled wine and mince pies will be the next thing ticked off the list.

With that in mind, we have made it easy for you and rounded up the best deals we could find on the classic festive treat.

Remember that prices can change all the time, especially at this time of year, so it is best to do your own research.

You can use the price comparison site to check the online prices of items across different supermarkets.

We did all of our price checking online, so you also want to bear in mind that you might get a better offer in the actual store.

Here is a list of the best deals we found on mince pies including who is the cheapest.


You can get a pack of six mince pies from Tesco for £1.09 – which means you are paying 18p each.

There is no Clubcard deal on Tesco’s own branded mince pies at the moment but it is possible that could change.

Along with one other supermarket Tesco was the cheapest we found.

The supermarket is also showing online a pack of six Mr Kipling mince pies that is on a Clubcard offer.

The Mr Kipling pies are usually priced at £2.35 but Clubcard members can get a special price of £1.75.

Bear in mind that if you are buying online you will also need to factor in delivery costs which can vary.


Aldi’s Holly Lane deep-filled mince pies are listed as out of stock on the website at the moment.

However, that does not mean that they are out of stock in store.

We recently included them in a taste test and a pack of six cost £1.25 which equals to just over 20p each.

This price may have changed since we were last able to price the item up, so it is best to check in your local store.

Also, it is worth checking back online as things do generally re-appear on the website once they have been restocked.


Morrisons mince pies are £1.45 for six. That is about 24p each.

There are no offers showing on the website, but that could change as we move into December.

If you want to check your local store to see if there is any price difference, you can use the store locator tool on the website to find your closest.


Asda takes joint first place with Tesco for the cheapest mince pies.

The Bakery at Asda mince pies are £1.09 for six which equates to 18p each pie.

These pies have also received a Good Housekeeping Christmas Award in 2022 and a Christmas Q Award highly commended in 2020.

As with some of the other supermarkets, Asda has a big range of mince pies and even has some mince pie inspired cookies.


Lidl has six Favourina mince pies showing online at £1.25 for six, which is the same as Aldi meaning each pie is just over 20p.

The discounter also has a pack of 12 mince pies for £2.49.

If you want to pop down to your local Lidl to see if they have anything different in the store you can find out where your nearest on their website.

They also have a deluxe range of all butter mince pies selling for £2.19 for six, these pies have been awarded a Good Housekeeping taste-approved award for 2023


Sainsbury’s were the most expensive at the time we checked as their mince pies were £1.60 which works out to just over 26p.

We found in our taste test that these Sainsbury’s mice pies had just 46% mincemeat content which was the lowest declared by the supermarket brands.

However, Sainsbury’s also stocks Mr Kipling, and has a pack of Taste the Difference Cherry Kirch mince pies for £2.75 if you want to try something different.


In Iceland, you can get six mince pies for £1.25 which is the same price as Aldi and Lidl.

This means that each individual pie works out at just over 20p.

You can order online with Iceland but as always bear in mind delivery costs are on top.

These mince pies have a good customer rating online, although not so impressive packaging.

One customer said: “Unappetising-looking box but as hoped, the same delicious mince pies inside.”

We can also reveal the cheapest places to buy selection boxes this week.

Also with December fast approaching, we have pulled together a list of the best advent calendars.


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