Cheap Xbox Game Pass deals for Starfield: Save £40 | Gaming | Entertainment

Starfield is almost here which is great news for Xbox and PC gamers alike.

It has felt like years since a Bethesda Studios release and the game is finally here after years of delays and anticipation. On September 6, everyone will have a chance to try out one of the biggest games this year.

Despite many users already playing thanks to the Premium Edition, most players have been opting to wait for release on Steam, Xbox Series S, Series X and Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is one of the more anticipated releases as it allows you to pay a monthly fee to play the game without paying the full £49.99 to play Starfield.

The good news is there are great and cheap ways that you can get Xbox Game Pass for cheap – thanks to CD key sites. We’ve laid out some of the best deals below.

It all depends what you want. Microsoft provides Xbox Game Pass Ultimate then seperates them out for console and PC users. 

The price breakdown is as follows:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – £12.99
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC – £7.99
  • Xbox Game Pass for console – £8.99

You can buy them all directly from Microsoft but if you own an Xbox, it’s worth getting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as it includes Xbox Live Gold and gives you access to 100s of games to stream on the cloud and download whenever you want.

If you’re a PC player looking to play Starfield, it’s worth going for the Xbox Game Pass for PC directly from Microsoft as its cheaper than the Ultimate game pass.

But if you own both an Xbox and a PC, the Ultimate game pass is a no-brainer as you can play seemlessly on both Xbox and PC without needing to pay anything else.


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