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Chasing business and partnerships, Apple goes APAC – Computerworld

Apple doesn’t really have a strong manufacturing connection with Indonesia, but is making significant investments in people there. During Cook’s visit, the company announced its fourth developer academy in Bali. “We’ve seen many times over that a line of code can change the world — and in Indonesia, we’re investing in the creativity and skills of people determined to prove it,” Cook said in a statement

Expanding corporate staff in Singapore

Finally, Cook stopped in Singapore, where he visited Apple stores and the company’s new Developer Center. Apple had big news here too, announcing a $250 million investment to extend its existing campus in Ang Mo Kio. That campus is believed to act as a regional hub for corporate operations across the region. Apple first opened up in Singapore in 1981 when it was making the Apple II systems.

Feet on the ground

Apple’s connection with the region is nothing new. It has worked with suppliers and manufacturers across the Asia-Pacific region for years and Cook led those teams. While he was Apple’s Chief Operating Office, he was the leading architect of the company’s globalized, highly efficient supply chain. (He might have engaged in similar negotiations before Apple, when he led procurement at Compaq.)


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