Can’t Wait to Explore the Depths of Australia? Get Ready with These Tips

Can’t Wait to Explore the Depths of Australia? Get Ready with These Tips

Australia, the Land Down Under, is a wonderful land filled with many hidden gems. In December 2022, this lovely place had 1,260,550 arrivals.

Unfortunately, tour guides always show popular spots to tourists whenever people visit Australia, such as the Great Barrier Reef or the Opera House. But there are so many more things to explore and see!

Since tour guides only stick to the most popular places, even Australians don’t know about all of the best places.

If you also wish to visit the unheard sights here, then keep reading this guide!

1. Karijini National Park

Not many people have heard of this hidden gem, but this is arguably one of the best places in West Australia. Located about 300 km from Port Hedland, this National Park boasts of the local flora and fauna of the outback.

Many red rocks are formed naturally by the flow of water and provide an ideal spot for hikers.

Here you will find a special Fern Pool in the Dales Gorge, where people take a refreshing dip. You can also marvel at the beautiful Joffre Waterfalls and their crystal-clear water.

2. Point Hicks

Point Hicks is another remote spot at the Croajingolong National Park, Victoria. It takes about 6 hours to drive from Melbourne, which is why it isn’t frequent even by most locals of Melbourne!

But people who love exploring far-off places will love Point Hicks. It’s mostly famous for its point Hicks lighthouse, which is open to visitors.

Alternatively, you can stay in the keeper’s cottages or the National Park. However, if you plan to camp, make sure to rent caravans to spend the night.

Especially if you’re an Australian and are consumed by wanderlust, invest in Lotus Caravans for top-notch and sturdy exterior and interior designs to soak in the natural glory of the land with complete security.

You can also explore many other places with your caravan whenever you wish!

3. Moreton Island

Moreton Island is accessible by an hour-long boat ride from Brisbane, and its specialty is the fact that this entire island is made of sand.

Moreover, it is also home to one of the largest and most spectacular man-made reefs in the entire world, that is, the Tangalooma Wrecks.

If you’re in Brisbane for a weekend getaway, then Moreton Island is a must for you. You can sand-board in the dunes, snorkel in the sparkly waters, kayak around the Tangalooma Wrecks, or even spot a whale!

4. Lark Quarry Conservation Park

Did you know that the only known footprint of a dinosaur stampede has been preserved at the Lark Quarry Conservation Park?

For history and geology enthusiasts, this park will be an absolute heaven! It’s located about 110 km from Winton, Queensland’s Outback.

About 95 million years ago, a small herd of mid-sized dinosaurs had come to this quarry to drink water when a huge carnivorous theropod started to attack the herd. As the latter ran for their lives, their feet left prints on the mud.

5. Agnes Beach

This quaint beach is located at the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. It even has a small township which is perfect for couples looking for a romantic and quiet seaside trip.

You can visit the neighbouring 1770, where Captain Cook first landed in Queensland. In Agnes Beach, you’ll also find a breathtaking butterfly walk and a kangaroo sanctuary filled with friendly marsupials.

The Deepwater National Park is also located nearby, which is home to the famous loggerhead turtles.

6. Blue Mountain Waterfalls

Blue Mountain waterfalls are famous for their sandstone cliffs and lie surprisingly low on the tourist radar. However, most of the towns, such as Lawson and Hazelbrook, will settle along the Blue Mountains in the region by the Great Western Highway.

Another beautiful waterfall, known as the Cataract Waterfall, is home to a large number of glowworms, so be sure to visit this spectacle in the evening.

7. Yarrangobilly Thermal Pool

About 100 km from Cooma, located in the northern region of the famous Kosciuszko National Park, lies the Yarrangobilly Thermal Pool.

If you’re suffering from joint pain, then it’s believed that a dip in this pool will greatly improve your health. The natural spring system here has heated the pool to a permanent temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, even during winter.

The main pool’s water also flows into a smaller children’s pool where your kids can wade around happily!

Over to you…

These are some of the lesser-known spots in Australia. So if you’re planning to hit this country sometime or just want to explore more of your motherland in the future, be sure to check all of them out!

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