California man sues 50 women for calling him a bad date

A California man is suing more than 50 women for $2.6 million after they shared negative stories about him on a “Are We Dating The Same Guy” Facebook page, claiming their reviews were false and defamatory.

The women say Stewart Lucas Murrey is using the legal action to intimidate them, and they’re asking the courts to slap him down.

On Monday, a judge in Los Angeles civil court ruled that one of the women — Vanessa Valdez — did nothing wrong by sharing her opinion of Murrey with the popular online group.

Stewart Lucas Murrey has filed lawsuits against over 50 women after he was named in a post on a popular dating Facebook group. Facebook/Are We Dating The Same Guy?

Another woman hit with a lawsuit by Murrey, Kelly Gibbons, said the first time she saw the man in real life was when he came to her house to drop off the lawsuit.

“My heart started pounding, as I thought: This man knows where I live,” she told the Times of London.

“It was pretty eerie. He was filming with his cellphone, walking in. I don’t know who wouldn’t get creeped out by that.”

The women targeted by Murrey — who claims they ruined his dating life and damaged his reputation — are hoping the ruling will set a precedent and prevent him from further using the legal system against them.

They are invoking California laws meant to deter junk lawsuits, called anti-SLAPP laws.

Other women named in the suits hope Monday’s decision sets a precedent. FOX11

After finding no evidence of conspiracy, the judge granted an anti-SLAPP motion to prevent the abuse of the legal system to silence the women, FOX 11 LA reported. (The acronym stands for “strategic lawsuit against public participation.”)

Gibbons penned the initial post about Murrey in the Los Angeles chapter of “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” after meeting on a dating app and texting for a few weeks.

Gibbons chatted with Murrey on the phone before she decided she did not want to meet him in person.

The interaction went so badly that she wanted to warn other women about his rude behavior, noting, “I wouldn’t want my friend going out with someone like that.”

Murrey and Gibbons had a phone call before she decided she did not want to meet him in person because of his rude behavior. Facebook/Are We Dating The Same Guy?

The private “Are We Dating The Same Guy” Facebook group, which originated in New York City in 2022, is part of a wider network of groups where women share information about negative dating encounters they’ve had in their respective cities. The Los Angeles chapter currently has some 53,000 members.

At the time of Gibbons’ post, only about 10,000 women were in the group. Despite this, other women began joining Gibbons in detailing their bad interactions with Murrey, some sharing screenshots of exchanges on dating apps and recounting in-person dates.

Others just left comments.

Murrey accused the women of conspiring to harm his reputation. Facebook/Are We Dating The Same Guy?

While the interest faded within weeks, nine of the women who posted about Murrey are named in the lawsuit, while the rest are referred to as “Does 1-50.”

The women — most of whom did not know each other — are accused in the suit of having “conspired to harm the plaintiff’s reputation” and discriminating against him because he was unable to join the women-only Facebook page.

Murrey is not the first man to have filed lawsuits against women who have shared their negative reviews on the page.

Nikko D’Ambrosio, 32, filed a lawsuit against 27 women in Chicago in January after they described him in their posts as “very clingy” and a ghoster.

The judge in Murrey’s case on Monday said that based on the evidence, the court did not see any possibility of Murrey prevailing against the defendants on any claim he made.

The Post has reached out to Murrey for comment.

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