Build Your Own Tiny PC With This Motherboard

Jason Fitzpatrick / How-To Geek

It’s already possible to build your own mini PC, but you’re still limited by the size of CPU coolers, graphics cards, and other components. Now, ASRock has a motherboard perfect for building low-power and compact PCs.

ASRock, which makes a range of business-first products, has released a motherboard that comes pre-packaged with Intel’s N100 CPU. It might not be that powerful — the N100 is currently Intel’s lowest-end laptop CPU as we stand. You do get a compact build, though, and it has plenty of connectivity options so you can make your own tiny PC just the way you want.


How tiny, you might ask? It’s a Mini-ITX motherboard with one DIMM slot for one single stick of RAM, an integrated DC input jack, plenty of display outputs, and one PCIe x1 slot. It’s not much, but given how it already comes with a lot of the stuff you need, like the CPU and an integrated GPU, it’s just a matter of putting RAM, storage, putting it inside a small case, and plugging it in. Then, just set it up, and you’re golden.

You can put this in a basic Mini ITX case and bring to life your very own tiny PC, which will get you through basic tasks, such as web browsing, and even do some light work. Pricing and availability information isn’t available yet.

Source: Liliputing


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