BT users must check their bills now after mistake adds extra fees

Anyone using BT broadband would be wise to find their latest statements and check over exactly what’s been added. It appears that some users of this hugely popular Internet Service Provider have been charged extra for a service they never used or ever signed up for. Xbox Games Pass, which lets you play hundreds of titles on consoles for a monthly fee, has long been offered by BT for an additional price of around £10 per month on bills.

However, some users have suddenly found it added to accounts without their knowledge. Speaking to the BBC, BT has confirmed that some users have been charged without permission and has told all customers to ‘remain vigilant.’

“We’re very sorry that the customers mentioned in this article have had Xbox Game Pass Ultimate added to their account without their knowledge,” a spokesperson said in a statement sent to the BBC.

“We recommend that all of our customers remain vigilant and if they notice changes to their account that are suspicious, to contact us as soon as possible to report this.”

“We will support and guide them on how to take steps to ensure their account is secure.”

BT’s onlines forums are full of people complaining about the problems with one user, named Pollenpath, saying, “About an hour ago I found an email from saying I’ve signed up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription and will be charged £12 a month. Problem is, I haven’t signed up for any such thing. I’ve never played on an Xbox in my life!”

Another user called Jacersmith added, “Why have I been charged for Xbox game pass, I never ordered it I do not have or ever had an xbox.”

It’s unclear how long the problems have been going on but it seems some users may have been charged as long ago as October last year. According to the BBC, one of its staff members had spoken to the telecoms firm with a customer service advisor saying it was “a known issue”.

If you’ve suddenly noticed your bills shooting up or haven’t checked your account in a while then now is a good time to look over things and make sure you’ve not been affected by this expensive glitch.


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