Brockton-area real estate sales for Oct. 16 to 20, 2023

BROCKTON − A house that was once owned by former Brockton Mayor James Harrington sold for $779,900, topping the list of real estate transactions for single-family homes in the city. This custom-built brick Colonial home on Thorny Lea Terrace is a “true masterpiece,” according to the real estate listing. TThe property was sold by Mark A. Maraglia, EXIT Premier Real Estate.

In Bridgewater, a home on Brownfield Drive sold for $825,000. “Nestled in a sought-after neighborhood, this gorgeous home offers unparalleled living” and a “plethora of enticing features” according to real estate listing;

A house on N. Central St. in East Bridgewater that sold for $665,000 is “surrounded by a peaceful babbling river that offers fishing opportunities,” according to the real estate listing.

Here are the property transactions recorded for the week of Oct. 16 to 20, 2023, in the Brockton area, according to The Warren Group.


618 Washington St., Andrew A. and Rebecca S. Gulinello to Elijah and Leah Crist, $735,000, Oct. 20, single family.

235 Chestnut St. Unit 235, Kevin P. Mcdermott and Jenna Lavery to Bijay Maharjan and Madhavi Shrestha, $640,000, Oct. 17, condo.


44 Gill St., Brian M. and Lauren M. Washburn to C. D. and Georgia P. Crowninshield, $535,000, Oct. 17, single family.

15 Noyes St., Manuel Monteiro and Angela Cardillo to Michael A. Docanto, $496,000, Oct. 19, single family.

34 Noyes St., Kristi L. Adams to Amyleigh Devito, $585,000, Oct. 20, single family.


15 Blossom Lane, Mark S. Anuszczyk to Hurley Homes Limited Liability Co., $420,000, Oct. 20, single family.

26 Myricks St., Tuck One Limited Liability Co. to Lincolndxii Limited Liability Co., $10,000, Oct. 18, single family.

597 Berkley St., Cantin Family Trust and Rene J. Cantin to Robert F. and Anne M. Morelli, $587,000, Oct. 20, single family.

20 Myricks St., Mary J. Goff and Santander Bank Na to Tuck One Limited Liability Co., $165,000, Oct. 18.

68 N. Main St., Seaport Investments Limited Liability Co. to Lincolndxii Limited Liability Co., $460,000, Oct. 17.


74 Vernon St., Heather Irber to Lisa M. Balzano and Eric W. Lamothe, $609,000, Oct. 16, single family.

188 Hayward St., Margaret R. Silva and Curtis Vanriper to Robert A. Mackay 3rd, $460,000, Oct. 17, single family.

218 Broad St., Commesso 2022 RET and Shirley A. Commesso to D. E. Foods Limited Liability Co., $1,100,000, Oct. 18.

226 Broad St., Commesso 2022 RET and Shirley A. Commesso to D. E. Foods Limited Liability Co., $1,100,000, Oct. 18.

35 Brownfield Drive, Brian S. and Suzanne M. Cooney to Saul E. Ortez and Mirian Y. Bonilla, $825,000, Oct. 20, single family.

180 Main St. Unit 1103, Opal Kramer Ent Limited Liability Co. to Gurdip Singh and Gurpreet Kaur, $230,000, Oct. 20, condo.

21 Titicut Ave., Duxburrow Estates Limited Liability Co. to Faris Ojjeh, $284,900, Oct. 19.

‘Hidden gem’:: ‘Hidden gem’: Bridgewater home that sold for $735K has abundance of living space


1933 Main St., Adga Re Management II Limited Liability Co. to Empowerment Christian Chr, $1,350,000, Oct. 19.

155 School St., Crescent Realty Trust and Barry Koretz to 142 Crescent Brockton Limited Liability Co., $2,000,000, Oct. 20.

65 Westgate Drive, Patel Westgate Realty Limited Liability Co. to Westgate Property Inv Limited Liability Co., $3,900,000, Oct. 18.

29 Clinton Ave., Warren Clinton Invs Limited Liability Co. to Abby Investors Limited Liability Co., $285,000, Oct. 20.

176 Howard St., Rodney A. Long to Sherry Wilson and Walter Barboza, $425,000, Oct. 20, single family.

278 Court St. Unit 2, Affordable Properties Limited Liability Co. to Pierre E. Charles, $370,000, Oct. 19, condo.

142 Crescent St., Crescent Realty Trust and Barry Koretz to 142 Crescent Brockton Limited Liability Co., $2,000,000, Oct. 20.

14 Almon Ave., Jamie Morrison to Justin Winsor, $340,000, Oct. 18, single family.

27 Cross Ave., D. & G. Realty Trust and David Asack to Mary-Bianca Mattocks, $649,000, Oct. 18.

42 Thorny Lea Terrace, Jeffrey S. Willette to Teddy and Nikyia Watler, $779,900, Oct. 19, single family.

15 Falmouth Ave., 15 Falmouth Avenue Realty Trust and Zenaida Garcia to Izaia B. and Neusa H. Soares, $660,000, Oct. 20.

45 Orchard Ave., Dwyer Family Trust and Scott Dwyer to Eveandro Depina and Olga R. Pina, $540,000, Oct. 19, single family.

71 Claremount Ave., Carol Gureckis Family Trust and Peter Gureckis to Edwin Walsh, $315,000, Oct. 20, single family.

11 Fitzpatrick Circle, Arnold A. Casavant Jr. T. and Karen Reeves to Phuong T. Bhuyen, $420,000, Oct. 17, single family.

147 Centre St. Unit 210, Quest TCompany Fbo to Michelle S. Lewis, $299,900, Oct. 17, condo.

202 Cypress Drive, Cypress Woods Limited Liability Co. to Lawrence J. Berry, $770,000, Oct. 18.

11 Orchard Ave., Harriet D. Mcfarland to Jessica Walton and Dennis Pitts, $650,000, Oct. 18, single family.

24 Chester Ave., Edyman C. Brito to Jean J. and Jean D. Simon, $985,000, Oct. 16.


21 Crystal Lake Drive, Southcoast Prop Buyers LL to Rhiannon Murray and Camden Mcgorthy, $361,000, Oct. 16, single family.

East Bridgewater

337 N. Central St., Perkins Richard Henry Est and Donald A. Perkins to Jeffrey W. and Barbara Browne, $665,000, Oct. 17, single family.

82 Cross St., Vivian E. and Bruce C. Meserve to Elisa Blanchard, $250,000, Oct. 17, single family.

189 Belmont St., William P. and Kristine M. Lawler to Erika Curran T. and Kim L. Parkinson, $625,000, Oct. 16, single family.

15 Beech St. Unit 15, Diane Hickey to Betty J. Gasse and Kristy L. Bowlin, $435,000, Oct. 16, condo.

625 Bedford St., John S. Liao and Victoria Lee to Carlton L. Haynes, $585,000, Oct. 18.

622 Bridge St., Belanger Family Trust and Kristine M. Lawler to Kristine M. and William P. Lawler, $483,000, Oct. 20, single family.


12 Lenox Lane Unit 12, Robert N. Puleo to Volodymyr and Svitlana Yurchyshyn, $530,000, Oct. 20, condo.

36 Forest Edge Road, Michael C. Delalla and Lisa Funaro-Delalla to Christopher J. Banna, $850,000, Oct. 20, single family.


413 Plymouth St., Allied Realty Trust and Daniel B. Sennet to Sullivan Realty Limited Liability Co., $590,000, Oct. 18.

413 Plymouth St., Halifax Town Of to Allied Realty Trust and Daniel B. Sennet, $10,000, Oct. 18.


108 Pleasantwoods Lane, Eric M. and Lori A. Wirtz to Kevin P. Mcdermott and Jenna M. Lavery-Mcdermott, $1,275,000, Oct. 18, single family.

171 River Road, Chadwick A. and Courtnie V. Graybill to Jason and Mandy Oberton, $1,500,000, Oct. 19, single family.


41 King St., One Mortgage Loan T. and Wells Fargo Bank N. A. Tr to Psa Property Limited Liability Co., $447,825, Oct. 16, single family.


430 Weymouth St., Jonathan P. Roland to Danny Harris and Gina M. Ford, $620,000, Oct. 16, single family.

77 Border Road, Judith M. Davidson to Fang Lin, $505,000, Oct. 20, single family.

214 Pine St., Mccormack Alice M. Est and Kathryn A. Bolstad to Patrick Reilly and Lin Zhu, $565,000, Oct. 18, single family.


32 Longwood Circle, Meredith A. Luque and Bank Of New York to Longwood Limited Liability Co., $487,000, Oct. 19, single family.

8 Saint Francis Ave., Robert A. Short to Zachary D. and Katelyn A. Botelho, $435,000, Oct. 18, single family.

1 Alden St., Kimberly A. Nawoichik to Kevin R. Nagle, $550,000, Oct. 16, single family.


36 Central Ave., 36 Central Avenue Realty Trust and Michael F. Walsh to Christopher D. Smith RET and Christopher D. Smith, $1,200,000, Oct. 20, single family.

Heritage Hill Drive, Katharina C. Decas to Hong Li, $430,000, Oct. 19.

1 Highland Road, Palonsky Miranda and Delfino F. Bonanca to Robert Reynolds, $560,000, Oct. 16, single family.


2 Jason Lane, Gail Conley to Daniel R. and Amanda Joyce, $755,000, Oct. 18, single family.


42 Benson St., Beth A. Brouillard and Timothy R. Silver to Timothy Silver, $230,000, Oct. 17, single family.

5 Carmel St., Allison Picone and Julie Ketler to Thomas A. Ketler, $425,000, Oct. 16, single family.


243 Old Taunton Ave., Robert D. Ford to Waheed U. Rahman, $435,000, Oct. 20, single family.

14 White St. Unit 14, Charlene and Joseph A. Crisafi to David and Lynn Turgeon, $650,000, Oct. 16, condo.

96 Dean St., Mary E. and Richard A. Denicola to Kristopher J. and Jessica M. Ventresco, $504,900, Oct. 17, single family.

22 Strawstone Lane, Maureen J. Doherty to Stephanie and Matthew Hill, $615,000, Oct. 18, single family.

41 Pleasant St., B. & J. Realty Grp S. Boston L. to Bes Realty Group Limited Liability Co., $3,235,000, Oct. 18.


120 Pleasant St., Judith A. Stowell to Sean and Heather Courage, $430,000, Oct. 18, single family.


2 Bayden Path, I. G. IV & Lili K. Colby Family Trust and Ira G. Colby 4th to Aileen C. Trainer and Howard A. Dine 3rd, $1,040,000, Oct. 17, single family.

6 Ropewalk Court Unit 4, Amy Durgin to Gregory Obrien, $305,000, Oct. 17, condo.

66 Raymond Road, David A. and Mildred R. Yuscavitch to Mariann Mcshane, $565,000, Oct. 18, single family.

6 Circuit Road, Melbert J. and Eleanor R. Ahearn to Tucker N. Mckay and Joanna Sayce, $440,000, Oct. 17, single family.

7 Chapel Hill Drive Unit 7, Asem Limited Liability Co. to Shawn P. Doolin, $282,500, Oct. 17, condo.

220 Manomet Point Road, Raymond K. and Laurie J. Oldham to 220 Manomet Point Limited Liability Co., $900,000, Oct. 16, single family.

3 Blossom Drive, Ejp Redbrook Limited Liability Co. to Bruce A. and Constance L. Masucci, $714,900, Oct. 16.

41 Post N. Rail Ave., Lisa M. Price to Conrad A. Cayting, $125,000, Oct. 19, single family.

3 Theatre Colony Way, Westgate Terrence J. Est and Scott Westgate to Robert and Sandra Malone, $350,000, Oct. 18, single family.

Bentgrass Mist Lot A358, Pinehills Limited Liability Co. to Bentgrass Development Inc., $195,000, Oct. 18.

45 Tinkers Blf Unit 45TB, Ridge Development Limited Liability Co. to Marc E. and Caren M. Rempelakis, $849,180, Oct. 19, condo.

Bentgrass Mist Lot A359, Pinehills Limited Liability Co. to Bentgrass Development Inc., $195,000, Oct. 18.

6 Mountain Laurel Way, Whitman Homes Inc. to Bono Family Trust and Martin F. Bono, $648,093, Oct. 17.

27 Plantation Road, Ryan and Alexandra Patenaude to Adam E. and Kathryn M. Elias, $795,000, Oct. 19, single family.

Saquish Western Pt, Mary Manguso to Peacock Re Holdings Limited Liability Co., $25,000, Oct. 20.

18 Sky Reach, Barbara A. Ahern RET and Joseph W. Ahern to Jeanne A. Lesperance, $255,000, Oct. 20, single family.

17 Fresh Pond Circle, Louise Thomas and Us Bank Na Tr to Narciso P. Pires, $343,000, Oct. 17, single family.

3 Pinchion Vale Unit 3, Ruth Lombard (irrevocable trust) and Elizabeth L. Goodwin to David F. and Katherine P. Driscoll, $560,000, Oct. 20, condo.

36 Barnswallow Lane, Carl Anne Hale T. and Carol A. Hale to Turner Family Trust and Paul Turner, $1,075,000, Oct. 17, single family.

18 Sky Reach, Jeanne A. Lesperance to Gary & Sylvia Gates RET and Gary J. Gates, $725,000, Oct. 20, single family.

56 Stillwater Drive, Marcia A. Marshall to Michelle F. Guiney and Scott Mcnaughton, $635,000, Oct. 20, single family.

20 Snapping Bow, Gerald W. and Jo A. Hussey 2nd to Curtis C. and Marybeth Wyrtzen 3rd, $995,000, Oct. 20, single family.

15 Greenside Way N., Christopher and Mercedes Tocci to Edward V. and Jeanne M. Mccarthy Jr., $550,000, Oct. 20, single family.

16 Meadowbrook Drive, Whitman Homes Inc. to Anne Danforth-Ruscansky and Robert G. Ruscansky, $697,716, Oct. 20.

68 Lafayette Road, Adam C. and Christina L. Ferrucci to Noah and Megan D. Mcclanan, $600,000, Oct. 16, single family.

35 Justine Road, Lsf9 Master Part T. and United States Bk T. N. A. Tr to Brooke C. Fisher, $510,000, Oct. 16, single family.

7 Tadpole Way, Martin Kamandu to Matthew R. and Patricia M. Spinetti, $835,000, Oct. 19, single family.

18 Kensington, 18 Kensington Realty Trust and Rachelle L. Boucher to Cheryl Sauter, $835,000, Oct. 20, single family.

51 White Oak Drive, Michal R. Fazio Sr to Jennifer E. Schad, $660,000, Oct. 16, single family.


4 Samuel Fuller Road, Frederick R. and Deidre J. Battle to Andrew and Rebecca Gulinello, $724,900, Oct. 20, single family.


734 S. Main St., R&b Realty Trust and Ronald A. Spearin to Carole J. Duvert, $785,000, Oct. 20.

15 Thompson Drive Unit 19, Marilyn J. Hancock to Therese Kouame and Emilie Akpa, $300,000, Oct. 20, condo.

28 Imrie St., Ezerniece Daiga Est and Dina Goldman to Ethan Dang and Huyen M. To, $550,000, Oct. 19, single family.

69 Karen Drive, Lecia Rando and Isaac Mendelson to Matthew Omorodion, $600,000, Oct. 17, single family.

14 Greenhouse Way, Sang Robbins to Gerald Charles Jr. and Lourdnie Cherisol, $779,900, Oct. 18, single family.

4 Devine Road, Whitman Ventures Limited Liability Co. to Nadine T. Louis and Michelet Trenteetun, $640,000, Oct. 20, single family.

16 Hall St., David Nguyen and Van T. Vu to Ngocanh Huynh, $460,000, Oct. 18, single family.

14 Scannell Road, Debra M. Piccirilli to Frank W. and Diane M. Fate, $100,000, Oct. 16, single family.

64 Woodlawn Road, Hic Of Massachusetts Inc. to Jamal U. Mahmood, $650,000, Oct. 16, single family.

Avalon Drive, Breit Mf Blue Hills Limited Liability Co. to Sva Prynne Limited Liability Co., $143,500,000, Oct. 18.

12 Darrell Drive, Ann L. Dunn and Sharon Cohen to Vincent Roberts, $500,000, Oct. 18, single family.


Wildwood Path Lot 8, Wildwood Path Raynham Limited Liability Co. to Justino and Vinda Fernandes, $290,000, Oct. 20.

Raynham home:: Custom-built Raynham home that sold for $949,000 has ‘ultimate’ entertaining space


632 Beech St., William H. Noble to Paul Padula, $282,000, Oct. 18, single family.

415 North Ave., Terrence N. Murphy to Sharon M. and Daniel W. Steele, $500,000, Oct. 17, single family.

5 Icehouse Lane, Nicholas J. and Erica Hoitt to Jamaal and Venessa A. Sumner, $650,000, Oct. 20, single family.


51 Edgewood Ave., Jacquelyn M. Davis to Maxime Maximilien and Carline M. Benjamin, $560,000, Oct. 19, single family.

45 Whitten Ave., Alfred K. Ceasar and Ruth N. Tetteh-Lyons to Rajendra and Naynabahen Patel, $825,000, Oct. 19, single family.

33 Lakewood Drive, Matthew and Alisha F. Elliott to David Tith and Amanda Chiu, $800,000, Oct. 20, single family.

Turnpike St., Tripp Family Realty Limited Liability Co. to Absolute Builders Limited Liability Co., $800,000, Oct. 20.

29 Camelot Court Unit 29, Max Gladstone to Stacy J. Osterhoudt, $561,000, Oct. 20, condo.

20 Lawler Lane, Sawk Limited Liability Co. to Loureiro -Connors Realty Trust and Americo D. Loureiro, $1,200,000, Oct. 17.

27 Glen St. Unit 14, Lc Realty Trust and Lawrence Cable to Sage Psychiatry Limited Liability Co., $77,500, Oct. 17.

94 Cottonwood Drive Unit 94, Volodymyr Yurchyshyn to Ryan C. Ohare, $410,000, Oct. 17, condo.

30 Turnstone Terrace, Rena J. Sousa RET and Rena J. Sousa to Sejin Suh and Heeyeon Kim, $795,000, Oct. 17, single family.

516 Washington St., 516 Wa Street Realty Limited Liability Co. to Tena Limited Liability Co., $350,000, Oct. 18.


20 Porter St., Vasquez Natasha K. Est and Elijah Vasquez to Imetats J. Ecalien and Eliprince Joseph, $405,000, Oct. 18, single family.

196 Bluejay Lane, Kimberlyn M. and Alexa K. Wilbur to Christopher M. and Taylor M. Osborne, $520,000, Oct. 18, single family.

48 Crane Ave. N., Winwin Properties Limited Liability Co. to Zachary Taylor, $505,000, Oct. 17, single family.

375 Bay St. Unit 2102, Michael Shuley to Maria P. Downey, $324,900, Oct. 18, condo.

Floral St. Lot 2, Nelson Matos to A. L. E. Realty Trust and Antonio S. Bairos, $130,000, Oct. 20.

198 Crane Ave. S., Paul A. Patneaude Lt and Michael P. Patneaude to Diane L. and Paul G. Lamb, $30,000, Oct. 17, single family.

1060 Rocky Woods St., Maria P. and Jose R. Martinez to Svetlana M. Loranger and William J. Rolls 3rd, $600,000, Oct. 16, single family.

35 Pilgrim Village Road Unit 1502, Bornstein Myer Est and Barry Bornstein to Maggie Rahimi, $276,000, Oct. 20, condo.

450 Somerset Ave. Unit 102, Valerie A. Tilden to Janine Neprud, $250,000, Oct. 20, condo.

86 Linden St., Scott E. and Lisa A. Van Giesen to Sonia M. Figueira and Joseph A. Fournier, $490,000, Oct. 20, single family.

800 County St. Unit 8, Sedley Henry and David Palmer to Mitchell Leonard, $230,000, Oct. 20, condo.

34 Wales St., Michael G. Gagnon to Dulce Cabral, $350,000, Oct. 19, single family.

99 Plain St., Amanda A. Cruz and Sirdwayne J. Reid to Andy Vicente, $545,000, Oct. 19.

11 Briarwood Drive, Oalican Family Trust and Eric R. Oalican to Yolene Herard-Fils and Carline Michel, $610,000, Oct. 20, single family.


2743 Cranberry Hwy Unit 2A, Marianne C. and Marilyn J. Marshalsea to Zachary Volpe and Cody Small, $325,000, Oct. 20, condo.

16 Wareham Ave., Wareham Town Of to Aquiles S. Araujo and Paulina S. Lima, $120,000, Oct. 19.

14 3rd Ave., 180 Investments Limited Liability Co. to James and Chalene Hathaway, $434,000, Oct. 17, single family.

34 Starboard Drive Unit 60, Windward Pines II Limited Liability Co. to Albert C. and Lauren Dore 3rd, $699,900, Oct. 17, condo.

20 Starboard Drive Unit 67, Winward Pines II Limited Liability Co. to Anthony and Donna Puopolo, $529,900, Oct. 19, condo.

3137 Cranberry Hwy, East Wareham Limited Liability Co. to Gary Fultheim, $1,729,846, Oct. 20.

3 Locust St., Robert M. Mcculley to Gay H. Perkoski, $475,000, Oct. 19, single family.

3 Bodfish Ave., Jeffrey Bernard to Bryon and Junius Hopkins, $470,000, Oct. 18, single family.

3 Tow Road, C. J. E. & R. Co. Inc. to Ttr Limited Liability Co., $1,650,000, Oct. 17.

West Bridgewater

202 N. Elm St., R&l Lt and Richard J. Domingos to Thomas C. Sexton, $370,500, Oct. 16, single family.

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Reprinted with permission of publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com. 


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