Brockton-area real estate sales for Feb. 5 to Feb. 9, 2024.

BROCKTON − A home on Boyden Street sold for $475,000, topping this week’s list of real estate transactions for single-family houses in the city. This home “offers all the features you desire in a dream home, with a blend of modern amenities and timeless charm,” according to the real esate listing. This property was sold by Charles Lima, Keller Williams Realty.

In Stoughton, a house on Washington Street sold for $935,000. “Nestled in a peaceful setting, this property offers the perfect retreat for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle,” according to real estate listing.

A home on Leo Way in East Bridgewater sold for $590,000. This “picture perfect” Colonial has four bedrooms and is nestled in one of East Bridgewater’s “great neighborhoods,” according to the real estate listing.

Here are the property transactions recorded for the week of Feb. 5 to Feb. 9, 2024, in the Brockton area, according to The Warren Group.


181 Mountain Laurel Lane, Carlson Cap Land Mgmt 1 L. to Ashley and Stephanie Glynn, $695,000, Feb. 5, single family.

416 Regency Lane Unit 416, Donna M. Markuns T. and Donna M. Markuns to Patricia Girouard, $521,000, Feb. 6, condo.

145 Linwood St., Abington Investments Limited Liability Co. to Zachary T. Peter and Katharine K. Mcdonough, $920,000, Feb. 8.


16 Locust St., Cathy Lachapelle to Rhiannon Enterprises Limited Liability Co., $890,000, Feb. 9, single family.

3 Pine St., Farnham Jean R. Est and Stephen J. Hanna to Anthony N. Geller, $405,000, Feb. 7, single family.


37 Orange St., Jane Wood (irrevocable trust) and Pamela J. Collin to Nicholas and Jacqueline Catrambone, $655,000, Feb. 6, single family.

14 Beal Road, Double B. Cap Group Limited Liability Co. to Billy Parham, $475,000, Feb. 7, single family.

307 Cherry St., Benjamin D. and Malgorzata M. Cullen to Amanda Metell and Morgan Mcwilliam, $770,000, Feb. 9, single family.

32 Center St., Carlson One Family Trust and Joyce M. Carlson to Willard F. and Jennifer L. Walcott Jr., $560,000, Feb. 9, single family.

113 Pratt Ave., Duxburrow Estates Limited Liability Co. to Muthumariappan Raju and Rajeevi Kottairaj, $861,720, Feb. 9.


46 Dandy Road, Trina Green to Marcel Jeanty and Sanda Juste, $470,000, Feb. 8, single family.

310 Centre St., Dp Property Holdings Limited Liability Co. to Ana R. Depina, $445,000, Feb. 8, single family.

35 Tucker Drive Unit 35, Christine Carleton and Christopher Morgan to Anderson M. Clark, $315,000, Feb. 8, condo.

1350 Belmont St. Unit 101, Darhi Limited Liability Co. to Mavi Limited Liability Co., $150,000, Feb. 8.

685 Oak St. Unit 17-4, Maguire Paul T. Est and Carolyn E. Wood to John A. Maguire, $260,000, Feb. 8, condo.

90 Leyden Park Road, Brenda Nason to Arei Limited Liability Co., $280,000, Feb. 6, single family.

205 Pine St., Herbert J. Reid Family Trust and Michael J. Reid to Shaughn H. and Cristina M. Earle, $432,500, Feb. 6, single family.

17 Denise Terrace, Gz Homes Limited Liability Co. to Jean Oliam and Marie O. Pierre, $460,000, Feb. 9, single family.

11 Boyden St., Willard F. and Jennifer L. Walcott Jr. to Osamwnuyobo Odeh, $475,000, Feb. 9, single family.


Wenham Road, Robert A. Pratt to Wenham Land Limited Liability Co., $250,000, Feb. 8.

East Bridgewater

25 W. Union St., 17-25 West Union St Limited Liability Co. and Tuner Int to Flavio Tizon, $360,000, Feb. 5.

185 Walnut St., Healy Family Trust and Marie Hickey to Meghann Hickey, $370,000, Feb. 8, single family.

18 Leo Way, Curtis C. and Paula L. Gluck to Jason Amatucci, $590,000, Feb. 8, single family.

17 W. Union St., 17-25 West Union St Limited Liability Co. and Tuner Int to 135 Sprign Limited Liability Co., $550,000, Feb. 8.

190 Walnut St., Proctor Albert E. Est and Ellen L. Cristoferi to Kyle J. Mishou, $400,000, Feb. 9, single family.

74 East St., East St Realty Trust and Scotta A. Lambert to Amy Lambert, $750,000, Feb. 5, single family.


19 Dunbar Drive, Susan B. Stern to Harvey O. and Judith I. Janson, $615,000, Feb. 5, single family.

28 Columbus Ave., Robert E. Arthur to Robert E. Arthur Jr. and Dara Baltin, $610,000, Feb. 8, single family.

11 Seaver St., Ronald Oliveira to Glauber and Gracinete G. Monteiro, $680,000, Feb. 8.


68 Walnut St., Matthew R. Kowalski and Erica L. Snyder to Daniel and Caitlin Landry, $654,900, Feb. 5, single family.

344 Thompson St., Martin J. Akeke to Christopher S. and Arlene Macdonald, $585,000, Feb. 9, single family.


552 Center St., Murphworks Limited Liability Co. to Peter and Lionelha Dicenso, $739,000, Feb. 8, single family.


47 Big Rock Lane, Christopher J. Forbes to Michael Demeo and Elise L. Otero-Demeo, $631,000, Feb. 9, single family.


13 Shirley St., Linda and Timothy F. Hayes to Jennifer M. Reilly and Teri M. King, $480,200, Feb. 8, single family.

15 Rose Way, 15 Rose Way Realty Trust and Delio Difonso to Yolene Bernard and Esther Valbrun, $545,000, Feb. 5, single family.

18 Kingsley St., Eldredge Wallace I. Est and Natalie A. West to Paul Padula, $365,000, Feb. 8, single family.

271 Sycamore St., James M. Mccarthy and Citimortgage Inc. to Right Homes Limited Liability Co., $210,000, Feb. 8, single family.


3 Treetop Lane Unit 4, Patricia Girouard to Xiqin Gong, $350,000, Feb. 6, condo.

6 Nava Lndg, Absolute Builders Limited Liability Co. to Sean and Jenna M. Hickey, $1,188,900, Feb. 6.


70 Lebaron Blvd Unit 4, Scott Mcneill to Lindsay Marble, $544,900, Feb. 9, condo.

81 Kingman St., Thomas F. Curran RET and Thomas F. Curran to Schneider A. Lavaud and Fabienne Molin, $650,000, Feb. 7, single family.


22 North St. Unit 22, Delpha J. Donald to Jody A. Delpha, $325,000, Feb. 8, condo.


25-29 Centre St., J. R. Realty Trust and John W. Rea to Situbusit Realty Limited Liability Co., $545,000, Feb. 9.

2 Williams Place, Atkins Eilene L. Est and Robb L. Dambruoso to Top Tier Homes Limited Liability Co., $380,000, Feb. 7, single family.

2 Williams Place, Top Tier Homes Limited Liability Co. to Charles R. Darcy and Nicole Valenti, $600,000, Feb. 7, single family.

87 Vaughan St., Freitas Dorothy M. Est and Kenneth M. White to Daniel T. and Taryn B. Meadows, $550,000, Feb. 5, single family.


32 Barrows St., Hansen Associates Inc. to Matthew and Erica Kowalski, $869,900, Feb. 6.

56 Leonard St., Ruhan General Cntracting to David S. Charette and Julia R. Nepini, $855,000, Feb. 6.

N. Washington St., Maryellen Devincent to James F. and Marianne Roberts, $200,000, Feb. 8.

107 Dean St., Katerine Maceachern to Carlos and Michele Garcia, $15,000, Feb. 8, single family.


61 Birch St., Hall Bradford C. Est and Megan Hall to John Keith and Nicole Hall, $500,000, Feb. 6, single family.

72 Woodbine Ave., Federal Mortgage Assn to Steven Vietro and Concetta Spicuzza, $410,000, Feb. 9, single family.


3 Saddleback, Kevin Glaude Lt and Kevin Galude to Peter M. and Catherine Dimatteo, $1,050,000, Feb. 5, single family.

39 Megansett Drive Unit 28H, Kimberly A. Walsh Realty Trust and Marybeth Tobin to Curtis C. and Paula L. Gluck, $470,000, Feb. 8, condo.

30 Whitcomb Gdn Unit 30, Rose T. and Ian S. Podbelski to John H. and Mildred M. Smith, $620,000, Feb. 9, condo.

198 S. Meadow Road, 198 Realty Limited Liability Co. to Kairouz Enterprise Limited Liability Co., $2,075,000, Feb. 7.

66 Old Field Road Unit 66, 66 Old Field Realty Trust and David E. Mcallister to Donna M. Markuns T. and Donna M. Markuns, $600,000, Feb. 7, condo.

29 Pokonoket Road, Jillian and Hannah Macdonald to Jonathan W. Scheider, $420,000, Feb. 9, single family.

16 Paulette Terrace, Ellen Consolmagno to Ryan and Dalila Dacey, $550,000, Feb. 5, single family.


33 Center St., Jon M. and Jean M. Kuja to George E. and Laura C. Kyller, $690,000, Feb. 9, single family.

16 Cross St., Samuel & D. L. Cerrato (irrevocable trust) and Lynne M. Florindo to Paul E. and Linda M. Harju, $175,000, Feb. 7.


272 Canton St., Northa L. Lewis and Abington Bank to Yves Lyncee, $585,000, Feb. 5, single family.

32 Fernandez Circle, Bertram and Ian Williamson to John Housing Const Inc., $485,000, Feb. 5, single family.

31 Mitchell St., Louis C. Gay and Newrez Limited Liability Co. to Jcg Investments Limited Liability Co., $353,000, Feb. 9, single family.

13 Michelle Lane, Meaza Woldemariam to Victor D. Coto and Coral L. Diana, $690,000, Feb. 9, single family.

90 Old St., Curll (nominal trust) and Elvira L. Siciliano to Hubermann Alcean and Eunice Fortune, $480,000, Feb. 8, single family.

10 Barry St., Lisa T. Nguyen to Tinsae Z. Ayenew and Grace M. Lee, $730,000, Feb. 9, single family.

23 Hall St., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Tom Nguyen, $320,000, Feb. 9, single family.


708 Park Place Unit 708, Shantal Thompson to Nicole J. Cooney, $298,000, Feb. 9, condo.

436 King St., Sego Joan M. Est and Karen V. Amato to Bialice Investments Limited Liability Co., $325,000, Feb. 8, single family.


135 Grove St. Unit 140, Kimberly Biltos to John and Lisa Estabrooks, $260,000, Feb. 7, condo.

3 Taunton Ave., Thomas Berry to 3 Taunton Ave Realty Trust and Peter Harrison, $1,100,000, Feb. 5.


224 Washington St., UH Storage DE LP to Mercury Storage 1-B Limited Liability Co., $6,409,127, Feb. 8.

14 Seaver St., San Salvador Assoc Of Sto to Michael Romanuk Post 1645, $525,000, Feb. 9.

88 Kim Terrace Unit 88, Weiner Richard A. Est and Beverly Shuman to Luis B. Arrasco and Renata F. Ballesteros, $525,000, Feb. 9, condo.

74 Pearl St., Kelley Nelma M. Est and Robert S. Needs to David A. Allen Jr. and Julia L. Economou, $500,000, Feb. 7, single family.

1355 Central St., Trotner J. and Jocelyn Dupoux to Associate Solutions Limited Liability Co., $285,000, Feb. 7, single family.

1821 Washington St., M. & James F. Roberts RET and James F. Roberts to Grace & Hope Farm Limited Liability Co., $935,000, Feb. 8, single family.

837 Washington St., Michael Romanuk 1645 Vfw to Basiko Limited Liability Co., $1,000,000, Feb. 9.

907 Central St., 809 Central St Limited Liability Co. to Sach Nguyen, $530,000, Feb. 9, single family.

39 Benson Road, J. C. & Va C. Hathaway Jret and Timothy Hathaway to Brittany L. and Joy K. Cheney, $510,000, Feb. 5, single family.


7 Dean Ave., A&j Flippers Limited Liability Co. to Altagracia Louis and Wilner Cesar, $615,000, Feb. 5.

29 5th Ave., Malloch Const Com Inc. to Noslen B. Desouza and Daniel S. Diniz, $575,000, Feb. 9.

1 Karena Drive Unit 2-1, Mauro Delemos to Jazmin Wallace and Dallas Obrien, $225,000, Feb. 6, condo.

Johnson St. Lot C., Dora Estates Limited Liability Co. to Jt Builders Limited Liability Co., $230,000, Feb. 9.

121 Bay St., Joan E. Silva to Acfr Limited Liability Co., $350,000, Feb. 9, single family.

11 Wildwood Ave., Antonio A. Correia to Alr Real Estate Limited Liability Co., $315,000, Feb. 9, single family.


256 Park Ave., Heather Tripp to 256 Park Ave Realty Trust and Barry Patraiko, $232,500, Feb. 6, single family.

65 Warr Ave., Pokrass Realty Trust and Sara C. Pokrass to Calodesu Limited Liability Co., $160,000, Feb. 9, single family.

6 Wildwood Ave., Alexander Sperdigliozzi to Pilgrim Hill Holdings Limited Liability Co., $163,000, Feb. 8, single family.

1009 Point Road, Vasconcelos Va S. Est and Gino Vasconecelos to Potential Properties Limited Liability Co., $100,000, Feb. 9.

8 Pine Tree Drive, Michael J. Traves RET and Michael J. Traves to Wareham Limited Liability Co., $1,000,000, Feb. 8, single family.

83 Maple Springs Road, Lsf8 Master Patricipation and Us Bank TTr to Samantha S. Ketchopulos, $450,000, Feb. 8, single family.

6 Wildwood Ave., Pilgrim Hill Holdings Limited Liability Co. to S. Family TLLC, $195,000, Feb. 9, single family.

2 Woodville Way, Thomas L. and Jessica M. Freitag to Michael J. Costello and Ashley T. Pacheco, $502,500, Feb. 6, single family.

9 Starboard Drive Unit 9, Windward Pines II Limited Liability Co. to Dan W. and Annemarie Kates, $564,900, Feb. 9, condo.

6 Cranberry Grove Way Unit C., Reed Family Trust and Karl Reed to Jennifer F. Shepley, $370,000, Feb. 8, condo.

20 13th Ave., Lesley Jr. Willie J. Est and Kashane M. Bacon to Donna King, $355,000, Feb. 7, single family.

West Bridgewater

80 Prospect St., Laurie L. Whelan to Joseph R. Jennings and Natanaekk G. Santos, $448,000, Feb. 9, single family.

22 Goldie Road, Charlotte Anne Beary RET and Charlotte A. Beary to Stergios Dalkouras, $340,000, Feb. 7, single family.


226-230 School St., Erica L. Googins to Execellent Protection Svc, $380,000, Feb. 9.

241 Washington Terrace, Michelle A. Hickey to Keith and Heather Faxon, $585,000, Feb. 5, single family.

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Reprinted with permission of publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com. 


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