Brave Commerce Podcast: Staying Relevant in Consumer Culture

In this episode of Brave Commerce, Monisha Dabek, chief commercial officer and general manager at Ocean Spray, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to talk about ways to navigate the dynamic landscape of the consumer goods industry.

In discussing her career journey and the choices she has made along the way, Dabek emphasizes the importance of having a genuine passion for the industry in which you work. She stresses the significance of taking the path less traveled to gain a broad spectrum of experiences. Additionally, she mentions that the job title doesn’t define the role; it’s the scope of responsibility and cross-functional collaboration that truly matter.

A significant aspect of Dabek’s role is ensuring harmony between sales and marketing. Dabek acknowledges that her unique career path equips her to understand the perspectives of both sales and marketing, allowing her to facilitate constructive dialogue and drive the brand forward.

The conversation shifts towards how Ocean Spray, with its 93-year history, consistently stays relevant with the next generation of consumers. Dabek highlights the brand’s legacy of creating categories like cranberry sauce and craisins, which contributes to its cultural relevance. She also mentions the brand’s successful use of TikTok and how it helped attract new, younger consumers who have now become a part of the brand’s base.

With the holiday season approaching, the hosts and Dabek delve into Ocean Spray’s plans. They reveal the brand’s exciting new campaign celebrating the transformative power of cranberries in making ordinary moments extraordinary. The conversation hints at an upcoming campaign for cranberry juice and a creative social media campaign centered around cranberry sauce, bringing Team Canned and Team Homemade together.

Key takeaways

  • Balance healthy tension between sales and marketing to meet both brand and retailer demands.
  • Tap into current conversations to engage new and existing consumers.
  • Leverage seasonal moments to drive brand engagement and expand the consumer base.


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