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Both models of Apple Pencil are discounted for Black Friday

If you’re a regular user of any of Apple’s best iPads you will likely find some companionship in a tool like the Apple Pencil. And right now a new Apple Pencil is a great way to save, as Amazon has started to unleash some of its Black Friday deals. Among them are both the original Apple Pencil and the Apple Pencil 2, each of which are seeing pretty significant discounts. As popular Apple products, they don’t often see price drops all that substantial. You’ll get free shipping with a purchase of either of these Apple Pencils from Amazon, but act quickly, as there’s no telling when a Black Friday deal might end or run out of inventory.

Apple Pencil (1st Gen) — $79, was $99

Apple Pencil

Whether you use an older iPad model or a more recent release, the original Apple Pencil should get the job done. It’s been around for awhile now, but it’s tech and specs can generally keep up with the demands of a current model iPad. The original Apple Pencil offers pixel-perfect precision, tilt and pressure sensitivity, and imperceptible lag. It easily tackles tasks like painting, sketching, doodling, and taking notes. It makes creating digital art feel much more like working with paper or a canvas, and can more generally be an upgrade over your finger when it comes to using it as an iPad stylus.

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) — $89, was $129

A woman works on an Apple iPad 2022 with an Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil 2 is made to capitalize on newer iterations of Apple’s iPad lineup. It makes a great pairing with the larger form factor of the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch, but it also can be put to good use with something like the Apple iPad Mini. It offers the same pixel-perfect precision, tilt pressure sensitivity, and imperceptible lag you’ll find in the original Apple Pencil, but it adds a few new capabilities to the mix. It has a flat edge that attaches magnetically to the iPad, and it’s also able to charge in this position. The Apple Pencil 2 isn’t backwards compatible with all iPad models, so be sure to research compatibility with your iPad before you purchase. If you need a little help you can reference our which Apple Pencil you should buy comparison.

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