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Big Data London 2023 – Unveiling the Future of Data Analytics and AI

Big Data London 2023 – Unveiling the Future of Data Analytics and AI

Data innovation is in full swing and Big Data London 2023 is at the epicentre of the revolution.

Taking place at London Olympia from the 20-21st September, this year’s show will emphasise the rise in Generative AI and how this has created a shift in how we interact with and utilise data. The show will draw on the evolution of deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to drive the future of automation and shape the way we collect, process, and extract value from data. AI is a pivotal theme to the conference as businesses look to embrace Gen AI to stay competitive and innovative as the science of data continues to evolve.

Big Data LDN will address how we can transform data into actionable insights that drive impact, exploring themes from AI to Data Privacy and Security, Data Ethics, Data Culture and much more.

Conference Programme

The event will feature an impressive line-up of more than 300 expert speakers, spread across 15 technical and business-led theatres. These carefully curated conference sessions will showcase exceptional experts who will share their unique stories, unparalleled expertise, and real-world use cases. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to engage face-to-face with representatives and consultants from over 180 exhibiting organisations, to explore effective solutions that address their data challenges and help to develop a robust data-driven strategy for their business.

Bringing together the brightest minds, cutting-edge technologies, and a wealth of knowledge, Big Data LDN promises a stellar line-up of speakers, dynamic stages and seminars.

Star-studded line-up

The keynote speaker line-up will bring together prominent figures and industry luminaries from across the globe. With two keynote theatres for 2023, the X-Axis and Y-Axis, visitors will be spoilt for choice.

On Wednesday 20th, from 12:40pm to 1.10pm in the X-Axis Theatre, visitors can hear from Data Director at OVO, Katie Russell, and Monte Carlo CEO, Barr Moses, in an electrifying fireside chat to discuss the evolution of data at OVO, how they aligned their tooling decisions to company-wide KPIs, and why data observability is critical to their mission of helping customers reduce costs – and their carbon footprint – with reliable data.

Don’t miss this year’s Great Data Debate at Big Data LDN from 4-5pm on Day 1, Wednesday 20th, in the Y-Axis Theatre, where conference chairman and industry analyst Mike Ferguson will host executives from leading software vendors to discuss challenges, trends and success factors in implementing data and analytics.

The highlight of the show – renowned astronaut, Major Tim Peake, CMG, and the first British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut to visit the International Space Station, is set to headline the event at 4:40pm on Thursday 21st September in the Y-Axis Theatre.

He will share his remarkable journey to space and his unique perspective on the value of data and AI in space exploration, providing unparalleled insights and awe-inspiring stories of his experiences and the future of data.

Databricks, EMEA Field CTO, Robin Sutara will host a panel discussion along with Di Mayze, Global Head of Data and AI at WPP, Natalie Cramp, CEO, Profusion, and Richard Davis, Chief Data Officer of Ofcom, in the Y-Axis Keynote Theatre at 09:15 – 10:00, on Thursday 21st Sept.The discussion ‘People, process and platform – is Gen AI creating a Game of Thrones and how can we lead our organisations on the AI revolution?’, will cover the evolution of data culture resulting from the GenAI movement and the implications of generative AI on various aspects of organisations, including workforce dynamics, decision-making processes, and the role of human creativity.

Also, on Thursday 21st, from 2-2.30pm, Abi Gilbertson, Technical Analyst, McLaren Racing, will reveal ‘How McLaren Racing uses Alteryx to pursue efficiency’ and how McLaren’s relentless focus on leveraging innovation to perform, combined with Alteryx’s analytics automation software, drives breakthroughs to harness and find key insights in complex data with tremendous speed.

With 13 further theatres, including 3 new stages for 2023, the agenda is jam packed full of inspiring speakers and discussions.

The new Gen AI and Data Science Theatre for 2023 will address the future of AI, with talks including the transformative journey of Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), on Wednesday 20th September from 16:40 – 17:10, covering the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and the tangible results achieved in this ongoing journey towards democratised analytics.

The Teams and Talent Theatre will provide invaluable insights into talent acquisition and retention in the data domain, creating a positive Data Culture, and promoting Data Literacy. At 11:20 – 11:50 on Thursday 21st Sept, an all-female panel including Lindsay Mason, MoD, Vanessa Fernandes, Capgemini and Fiona Browning, DSTL will afford attendees the opportunity to hear how to sustain a learning culture within data teams.

The new Analytics and Storytelling Theatre will equip attendees with the tools to unlock patterns and insights, empowering them to inform critical business decisions and effectively communicate their findings.

The Modern Data Stack Theatre will discover exactly how businesses who have embraced the concept of a modern data stack have improved efficiency, reduced cost and technical debt whilst making their data more accessible to business users. Visitors can expect to hear from recognised names including HSBC, Experian and theatre sponsors, Starburst.

Join the likes of Harrods, Microsoft and The Department of Education and explore the increased importance of practices like MLOps where cross-team collaboration and automating as much as possible can lead to increased reliability and consistency from Machine Learning in the AI and MLOps Theatre.

Inna Weiner, Senior Engineering Manager, Google will take to the stage in the StreamSets sponsored Data Engineering Theatre at 1.20pm on Wednesday 20th on the topic of Protecting privacy in the kingdom of data. Hear how they have experienced first-hand the importance of balancing the collection of valuable data with personal privacy protection. Inna will examine real-life examples of privacy violations to emphasise the importance of privacy for data owners.

The Fast Data Theatre investigates the increasing velocity of Big Data and explores how traditional “batch” processing is being replaced by event-streaming systems, promising instant data analysis and rapid insight-to-action.

In the Analytics and Decision Intelligence Theatre see how modern analytics software enables business users to access and draw conclusions from corporate data, even without a background in statistical analysis, business intelligence (BI) or data science. It will also cover how to minimise the risk of decision makers using data the wrong way and which environments prove to be most suitable.

The Data Governance Theatre will host speakers including IBM, CluedIn and Cancer Research UK to provide best practice, tips and advice from a wide range of experts and highlights the common mistakes that businesses make when governing, managing and securing data. In 2023 it will also cover the significance of recent and upcoming changes to relevant data regulations around the world.

With huge amounts of data being created, stored and analysed, both businesses and the public sector have significant opportunities to drive engagement and improve products and services through customer analytics whilst upholding the highest standards of privacy and security. The Customer Data and Privacy Theatre will delve into these issues.

In the DataOps and Data Observability Theatre speakers including the BBC, Adaptavist and Snowflake, will examine the tools and techniques required to collect, distribute, validate and control data.

An evolving theme from last year’s Big Data LDN, Data Mesh will once again be at the forefront of discussions in the Data Mesh and Data Fabric Theatre which will be centred around the technology, processes, business culture and skills required to successfully adopt Data Mesh principles and includes talks from Hello Fresh and Porsche.

Hear about the importance of aligning your business strategy with your data strategy and offer practical advice on how to improve data maturity within your organisation, in the Data Strategy Theatre.

Immerse yourself in the show floor

Connect with leading companies and explore their groundbreaking research and product news and announcements. From startups to industry giants, our exhibitor showcase offers a unique opportunity to network and discover the future of data solutions.

Join and sponsors AWS, Hakkoda, Coalesce, DQ Labs, and Kubrick Group in the Y-Axis Keynote Theatre on Wednesday, Sept. 20 from 6-8pm for the launch of our ‘Data Products for Dummies’ book.

Pop in for some appetizers and libations and mingle with the book authors and special guests – a literal who’s who of data products: Paul Rankin, Head of Data Management Platforms, Roche Diagnostics; Ravit Jain, Founder and Host of “The Ravit Show”; Christian Tabb, Co-Founder and CCO, LEIT Data; Victor Filipescu, Data Architecture Senior Director, NTT Data UK; Stijn (Stan) Christiaens, Co-Founder and Chief Data Citizen, Collibra; Toby and Pearson, UK Managing Director, ProjectiveGroup, among others.

The highlight of the evening will be the book signing itself, which serves as a platform for networking and forging new connections. Meet with authors – Sanjeev Mohan, Principal SanjMo and former Gartner analyst; Guy Adams, Co-Founder and CTO at and Snowflake Superhero; and Justin Mullen, Co-Founder and CEO at

Join them to celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated book, and to exchange ideas, inspirations, and anecdotes. We will be giving out copies of ‘Data Products for Dummies’ to all attendees, and the authors are happy to autograph copies.

Cynozure is hosting the Consultancy Lounge (Stand 608) over two days. Attendees can discover how to unlock the full power of their data-driven initiatives by booking their free 30-minute chat with Cynozure’s industry experts. Not known to shy away from a challenge, the Cynozure team will also be hosting 30-minute Ask Me Anything’s on tackling some of data’s biggest topics. You bring the questions; they bring the answers!

DataGalaxy (stand 228) will showcase new and exciting features to the Data Knowledge Catalog, including how the company is listening to its customers, adapting to the market, and setting new trends across the industry. They will also have a digital wheel of fortune with some great prizes to be snapped up!

Curious about Data Observability? Want to Time Travel? Are you intrigued by the concept of Data Observability? Interested in exploring the realms of time travel in data quality analysis? Meet Mona Rakibe, Founder and CEO, and the Telmai team at Stand 760 to have all your Data Observability questions answered. Learn through a live demonstration about time travel features, cross-system data lineage, multi-attribute data contracts, and more as we unveil our new category-defining AI-driven Data Observability platform.


There will be numerous meetups across the event with drinks, nibbles and great conversations on offer. Some highlights include:

Simplicity by design: Dell and Cloudera host drinks, discussion and canapes – 6pm – 8:30pm, Wed 20th – X-Axis Keynote Theatre.

Sip, slice and strategize: Explore everything from data to outcome applications over beer and pizza – 6pm – 8pm, Wed 20th Customer Data and Privacy Theatre. This session isn’t just about discussing challenges; it’s about charting a course to solutions with some good old beer, and delicious pizza. Gathr will dive into how some of the big enterprises are actually getting things done faster.

If you’re on your data mesh journey or just getting started, we invite you to join the Data Mesh Learning community for a couple talks and networking in the Data Mesh Theatre. Pizza and beer will be provided – 6pm – 8pm, Wed 20thData Mesh and Data Fabric Theatre.

From 6pm – 8:30pm, Wed 20th in the Data Strategy Theatre, Validio and Big Data London will host the Data Engineering Meetup #9. This Nordic meetup series is coming to London with a splash and will be discussing the hottest topic in data: Generative AI— from a practical perspective that cuts through the hype.

They will be hosting some of the greatest thinkers in GenAI:

Victor Jansson, Manager, Solutions Architecture at AWS & serial startup CTO
Patrik Liu Tran, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO of Validio, a Deep Data Observability Startup

Topics will range from how to practically leverage GenAI in data engineering, to the best architectures for hosting and using LLMs, to new business models and ways of thinking that are enabled by GenAI.

Download the mobile app to plan your visit and register here to join us at Big Data LDN from 20-21 September, 2023.

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