How-tos Simple Tech: How To Rebuild Drum Brake Wheel Cylinders At Home For Cheap!

I know that disc brake swaps are super common on muscle cars, hot rods, etc, but there are still a ton of them out there running stock rear drum brakes and for good reason. They work. There is nothing wrong with drum brakes for a lot of cars that are just going to be used for cruising and are not going to be raced hard. And in fact, they are still the preferred method for lots of hauling applications. That means there are a lot of wheel cylinders out there and at some point they will all need to be rebuilt.

Sure, you can buy them pretty cheap at the parts store too, but in reality you can rebuild them at home in less time than it will take for you to drive to the parts store. And probably for about the same money as the gas will cost you to get there. Really, it’s that easy.

In this video, Jefferson is going to show you just how to do it and I hope you all try. Order up some rebuild kits, have them sent to you at home, and then get after it.

Video Description:

The wheel cylinder is a critical component in your vehicle’s braking system. This is the component that converts hydraulic pressure from the brake master cylinder into mechanical force to apply the brakes. Over time, the seals wear out and water in the brake fluid cause rust, leading to reduced brake performance or even complete failure.

Jefferson guides you through the process of rebuilding a wheel cylinder step by step. You’ll learn about the tools and materials required, as well as tips and tricks to ensure a successful rebuild.

We go through the entire process from disassembly, inspection of each component for signs of damage or wear, including the piston, seals, and springs, then we look at the rebuild kit. This cylinder required some extra steps, as it was incredibly rusted.

Then Jefferson shows you the actual rebuild process, showing you tips and tricks along the way.