Big Data

Apple’s M4 chip really does compete with itself – Computerworld

  • Single core: 3,767.
  • Multi core: 14,677.

These results are likely to have been captured from new iPads, which means the actual performance potential for the M4 on the Mac is likely to be even greater. 

While the test results come from one of the tablets with 16GB RAM, we understand the processor has clock speeds lowered to make the device more energy efficient. Once someone does give Apple Silicon a heat sync, it should be able to run faster, even though when it comes to single-core chips no other consumer processor or chip can compete with the M4. The only way, as they say, is up.

I’ve said before that Apple’s silicon design teams are moving so fast that they compete with themselves, and this continues to be true. Not only that, but it seems to be accelerating the introduction of these processors.


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