Apple’s iPhone slumps as consumers wait for AI – Computerworld

It is inevitable US business will be affected by international political polarization. Indeed, as things continue to unravel, it is tempting to believe the architects of division on all sides will not rest until ordinary humans are once again reduced to speaking to each other using tin cans and string.

Hopefully we can avoid that outcome.

What can Apple do?

It’s never good to see an almost 10% decline in sales of a company’s most important product, but there are other reasons for provide optimism. Not only is Apple now actively engaged in developing new business plans for a more regulated industry, it’s also practicing its next pivot to pirouette around the twin themes of AR and AI. 

Claims Apple AI will run directly on the device should translate into an accelerant for iPhone sales, particularly among privacy/security conscious consumers and enterprise professionals. But there are other people who will welcome incredibly productive smartphones capable of handling complex tasks.

The value of new markets

Accurate recognition of the true value of growing markets remains a challenge for analysts looking to enumerate potential sales data in terms of specific company achievements. There is a possibility that Apple’s continued moves to build bigger business in India and elsewhere might not yet have been accurately baked into expectations. 

However, even if the IDC data is accurate, it’s worth reflecting that Apple’s move to make iPhones in India has been met by strong gains in local share — and there may be longer legs to find. Apple’s anticipated plan for more powerful iPhones with on-device edge AI will appeal to customers in growing markets, some of whom may have almost entirely skipped personal ownership of computers. These smart devices might yet turn out to be all the computer an even greater number of consumers need. They should be capable of replacing PCs for even more tasks.


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