Apple Takes Down Apps That Generate Nude Images With AI

Apple removes AI-generated nude image apps from its App Store following concerns of privacy violation.

Apple takes down AI-powered nude image generating apps from its App Store.

Apple has removed several apps from its App Store that used artificial intelligence (AI) to create nude images of people, according to a report by 404 Media. These apps were a concern because they could be used to generate nude photos of someone without their permission.

Here’s how it worked: Ads for these apps were found on Instagram, and some of them linked to downloadable apps available on the App Store. These apps offered different features, like swapping faces onto adult photos or using AI to digitally remove clothing from regular pictures.

The report raises concerns about Apple’s ability to detect such apps on its own. Apparently, Apple only took action after 404 Media reported the apps and their advertisements. This suggests that Apple might need to improve its methods for finding apps that violate its App Store guidelines.


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