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  • 12MP rear and front cameras, with front camera at center of screen edge.
  • The iPad Air is available in four colors starting at $599 for the 11-inch model and $799 for the new 13-inch configuration.
  • Brightness ranges between 500-600nits.
  • Supports new Apple Pencil Pro.
  • 13-inch: Dimensions: 280.6mm-x-214.9mm-x-6.1mm.
  • 13-inch: Weight: 617g or 618g with cellular. (c.1.36 pounds).
  • More specifications are available on Apple’s website.

Buried in the tidal wave of information, Apple also lowered the price of its entry level iPad to $349, $100 less than the original price. I’m not certain, but I’d like to know if this is the only thing in the world that’s gone down in price, given everything else has seen costs increase. The ninth-generation iPad previously sold at $349 has been removed from sale, taking with it the last Apple tablet sold with either a headphone jack or TouchID button. 

The Apple Pencil goes Pro

The Apple Pencil Pro ($129) deserves its own mention. This is effectively a computer in its own right, with squeeze controls, haptic feedback, and a range of gyroscopically handled tools that make the device both precise and intuitive to use. It also includes Find My, so you won’t lose it, and charges while magnetically connected to the tablet.

The Magic Keyboard, too, has seen a really significant update. Not only does it deliver an aluminum palm rest, but also a larger trackpad that provides haptic feedback and even hosts a row of function buttons. Available in silver and space black, the addition of the keyboard means using the iPad will feel far more like the experience you expect using a MacBook. At (from) $299, they aren’t cheap, but with the slim iPad they promise a mobile computing experience second to few.

Finally, some environmental achievements. Apple claims the iPad Pro comprises over 20% recycled or renewable content, including 100% recycled aluminium and 99% recycled rare earth elements. All the tin, gold, and copper used on printed circuit boards are also recycled. You can read the product environmental report here.


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