Apple M3 MacBook Pro review

The Apple M3 MacBook Pro came as a surprise at the end of 2023, particularly to those who had picked up an M2 MacBook much earlier in the year. The pace of change is relentless as we are already talking about M4 chips in iPads, but it is worth holding on to M3 for a moment, if only just to appreciate the sheer quality of this latest MacBook Pro. 

It comes in a wide range of price points and specifications. As well as a slick new shade – ‘Space Black’. The basic option is $1,849 for a 14in model but you can max it out to 16in and 8TB storage, though that will cost you over $7k. For this review, we’ve got a more modest 14in Pro M3, with 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, but it has at least come in that fancy new color. 

Apple M3 MacBook Pro review: Design


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