Apple Could Stop Making iPhone Cases Made With This Non-Leather Material: Here’s The Reason

Apple launched the new FineWoven material cases for iPhones and Apple Watch bands in September last year. Many people believed that the non-leather material would be a game changer as it prevents major disruption of the environment.

However, reports suggest the company could prematurely stop making products with this material and look at newer options, possible when the iPhone 16 series launches later in 2024.

Apple had mentioned that the new fabric gives it a luxurious touch and adds further appeal to the iPhones. Like every Apple product, including the cleaning cloth, people understandably fell for these claims and bought themselves the FineWoven cases for iPhones but things went sour very quickly for these customers. The cases made with this fabric didn’t look as durable as the leather counterparts.

The biggest issue with the case is that it can be susceptible to the smallest of damages which includes your fingernails scratching on the surface, or the keys in your pocket making its presence felt on the case. In fact, some buyers even noticed the iPhone 15 cases wearing off, which was never going to bode well for the future of these accessories that cost over Rs 4,000 and barely last for over 6 months.

So, when we came across reports about Apple having a change of mind with this material, it is hardly surprising that the company is already looking at different options rather than persevere with the FineWoven material this year.

Apple has not officially shared any details on what it plans to do with these products and if it wants to stop making the FineWoven fabric cases altogether, and it is unlikely we will ever hear anything from the company. But updates like these don’t show up from nowhere, especially when there is a strong case for the company to consider its options as people are clearly enamoured by the product and this supposed climate-saving material.

S Aadeetya

S Aadeetya, Special Correspondent at News18 Tech, accidentally got into journali

Location: Cupertino, California, USA

first published: April 22, 2024, 11:38 IST


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