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Anthropic’s latest version of Claude comes to Amazon Bedrock – Computerworld

The most up-to-date version of Anthropic’s Claude AI, Claude 3 Opus, is now available on Amazon’s Bedrock managed AI service, bringing higher performance on more open-ended tasks to enterprise developers who rely on Amazon for generative AI model access.

According to an announcement today from Amazon, Claude 3 Opus roughly doubles the accuracy of the AI’s responses to difficult, novel and open-ended questions. By offering Claude 3 Opus via Bedrock, Amazon said it is trying to enable enterprise developers to build more robust, feature-rich applications based on generative AI, like complex financial forecasting and R&D.

Task automation, research, and even high-level tasks like formulating strategy are all within the reach of Claude 3 Opus, Amazon said. “As enterprise customers rely on Claude across industries like healthcare, finance and legal research, improved accuracy is essential for safety and performance,” the statement said.


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