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Android users, these are the new features coming to your phones

Apart from giving the Android robot a makeover, Google has also introduced a set of new features for smartphones. In a blog post, Google has shared what’s coming to Android phones soon.


Google Wallet Pass gets photos

Android users will have the option to digitise passes that have a barcode or a QR code, like gym or library cards. “Simply upload an image of the pass to store a secure, digital version of it in your Google Wallet,” said Google in the blog post.

Android Auto to get Zoom support

Google is adding Zoom and Webex by Cisco to Android Auto.



Users will be able to start and join conference calls by audio and browse meeting schedules from the car display. “Active calls are managed through Android Auto, so you can mute your microphone when needed and end the call when finished,” explained Google.

More AI in Google Assistant

Android users can add the Google Assistant widget and now Google is bringing more AI to it.


“The Assistant At a Glance widget uses AI to bring you helpful information like high-precision weather alerts, dynamic travel updates and upcoming event reminders on your home screen — right when you need them,” said Google.

Do a Q&A session with images

On the Lookout app, the Image Q&A feature is rolling out, which makes visual content more accessible by using AI to generate detailed descriptions.

After opening an image, you can type or use your voice to ask follow-up questions to learn more about what is in the image. Furthermore, Google said that 11 new languages will be available on its app, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese, bringing the total number of supported languages to 34. All the features are expected to roll out soon to Android phones.



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