An awesome Android audio upgrade – Computerworld

Meet your Android audio enhancement

The upgrade of which we speak may seem simple on the surface, but don’t be fooled: This nifty little lift will affect all aspects of your Android-using experience and make your life easier — even saving you time and increasing your efficiency — countless times a day.

It’s a completely new take on the Android volume panel — y’know, the little slider that shows up whenever you tap your phone’s physical volume keys. Unless you’re a complete and total nerd (hello!), that’s probably a part of the Android interface you haven’t spent much time thinking about. But believe you me, once you see how much of a meaningful difference this improvement introduces, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it.

Our upgrade comes by way of a thoughtfully crafted app called Precise Volume 2.0. The app essentially replaces your standard volume panel interface with a totally different, much more customizable, and delightfully feature-rich alternative. (And, yes, you’d better believe this is another one of those wonderful control-claiming superpowers that’d be possible only on Android.)


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