Ampler introduces an all-road electric bike alongside series refresh

Ampler — one of our favorite European e-bike makers — is back with a 2024 model refresh that includes a new all-road variant of the sporty Curt.

The Curt Anyroad is available with either a high- or low-step frame, the latter being easier to step through when sitting on a fully loaded bike. Both are otherwise identical, offering wider tires, fork mounts for some light gear bags, and a new 10-speed pedal-assisted drivetrain. That should make it suitable for more terrain but it lacks any kind of suspension for dampening bumps. The all-road edition takes the Curt up from a feathery (for an e-bike) 14.4kg (about 32 pounds) to 16.9kg, and still fits riders from small to large. Prices start at a tax-inclusive €3,690 (about $4,000). Shipments being June 21st.

The refresh also brings a new low-step variation of the single-speed, belt-driven Curt (€3,690), as well as new colors for the relaxed Stellar (€3,290), sturdy Stout (€3,290), upright Juna (€2,790), and sporty yet practical Axel (€2,790) e-bikes.

Ampler is good at colors, including this lavender Curt Anyroad shown in both low- and high-step.
Image: Ampler

All Ampler e-bikes feature non-removable batteries that power a European standard 250W rear-hub motor with a max speed of 25km/h, and include a two-year warranty, 14-day returns, and service centers available across Europe should things go wrong.


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