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AMPECO Bolsters Global Presence with Key Strategic Hires Across Europe and the US

AMPECO Bolsters Global Presence with Key Strategic Hires Across Europe and the US

New local hires across Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France and the US to act as a driving force for AMPECO 

AMPECO, the global EV charging management software provider, today announces the appointment of six strategic hires in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France and the US as the company doubles down its focus in key markets, bolstering its presence to drive further growth.  

Over the past year, AMPECO has significantly expanded its global footprint across more than 50 markets and now enables its clients to effectively manage 95,000 charge points, underscoring its growth in the EV charging sector. The company has strategically doubled in size, enhancing capabilities in areas such as solution consulting, technical architecture consulting, product, and engineering, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and quality of service.

Following AMPECO raising $16 million in venture capital in 2023 to further accelerate its growth, these key hires represent the next step in the company’s global expansion strategy. 

Strategic Focus on European Markets

Heading up its French office, Glenn L’Heveder was appointed as the Head of Business Development for Europe last year, having previously worked for companies including Hubject and GreenFlux. AMPECO has now hired Johan van Kooten, formerly the EV Charging Lead at Accenture, into Glenn’s team. He joins as Strategic Business Development Director for Europe. 

Glenn L’Heveder, Head of Business Development, Europe, AMPECO, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Johan to the team – he brings over eight years of e-mobility experience and knowledge in EV charging solutions. His expertise will be instrumental in strengthening our market presence, driving growth across Europe, and fostering long-term collaborations with clients and partners.”

AMPECO has also appointed Thomas Schneider as Business Development Manager for the DACH region and Charlie O’Donoghue as a Technical Architecture Consultant in the UK. With these four hires’ combined track record, local market insights, and industry expertise, AMPECO anticipates strengthened market positioning and overall growth across Europe.  Leveraging this local understanding of evolving charge point operator needs, AMPECO aims to tailor its solutions more closely to the requirements of European market players.

In a market where differentiation and strategic flexibility are essential, AMPECO’s white-label platform and extensive customization options through the AMPECO API offer broad possibilities for CPOs to build solutions that fit their exact requirements. This flexibility underscores AMPECO’s readiness to meet the complex challenges and opportunities of the European EV charging landscape.

Deeper US Market Focus with Local Expertise in EV Charging

With 10+ US network operators now working with AMPECO, the company has already established a strong footprint in this market. However, while the US EV charging market is rapidly advancing, it is still in an earlier development phase compared to Europe’s established sector. 

Recognizing this, AMPECO is poised to bridge the gap by leveraging its in-depth knowledge and experience. To this end, AMPECO has appointed Rolf Nygaard as the Head of US Sales to shape this approach. Rolf’s extensive background in enterprise software sales, coupled with his sector experience gained at EV Connect, positions him perfectly to apply AMPECO’s global expertise to delivering custom EV charging solutions explicitly tailored to meet the needs and challenges of the American market.

Lauren Demko also joins the team as Delivery Director, responsible for enhancing AMPECO’s services for charge point operators across the US. 

Orlin Radev, CEO, AMPECO said:

“As AMPECO continues its global expansion, leaders like Rolf and Glenn, supported by further highly qualified professionals with both industry experience and local knowledge, are pivotal in shaping our approach, understanding local markets, and driving innovation. 

“Being closer to our customers in key markets is imperative to our goal to become the backbone of EV charging network operators globally. These strategic hires prove we can cater on a local level with local representatives and support our customers wherever they are to deploy their infrastructure faster, ultimately making EV viable for more drivers everywhere.”

Why the Choice of Charge Point Management Software is Key for the Success of Large-Scale EV Charging Providers?

Energy companies, fuel retailers, and enterprises eager to strategically position themselves in the growing EV charging sector face the complex challenges of managing thousands of chargers in different markers, serving multiple charging scenarios, enhancing their existing services and building a seamless user experience. 

To manage this operational complexity and build unique value propositions that will differentiate them on the market, large-scale EV charging providers need to rely on a comprehensive and customizable software solution. It will have to seamlessly fit within the company’s established software ecosystem and at the same time, allow them to integrate third-party software and hardware solutions.

To make a well-informed decision between buying, building, or opting for a hybrid EV charging management software solution, operators must carefully assess each option against key criteria like time to market, potential to differentiate, ability to create a unified user experience, and cost. 

AMPECO has proven to be the platform of choice for large-scale EV charging providers worldwide and the key hires on strategic markets enable the company to achieve…..


AMPECO offers a white-label and hardware-agnostic EV charging management platform with extensive out-of-the-box features to cover all business use cases – public, private, and residential charging. The platform comprises a comprehensive back office to manage chargers, users and partners, as well as a web portal and a mobile app for EV drivers. Advanced energy management, flexible billing and subscription management, automatic maintenance algorithms, and roaming are some of the platform’s key components that allow clients to manage their network efficiently while providing an outstanding experience for EV drivers. 

The platform enables large-scale operators to expand their EV charging business with unmatched flexibility and extensibility via APIs. AMPECO’s customers can use the ever-growing list of integration options for both hardware (charge points, payment terminals, electricity meters, etc.) and software (CRM, dynamic electricity rates, demand response, etc.) to extend the platform’s functionality and offer tailor-made solutions that enhance and complement existing operations.

AMPECO supports more than 150 charging network operators in over 50 markets and has been globally recognized by Frost & Sullivan, Financial Times, Forbes, Deloitte, and PwC, for its technological product innovation and strategic business development.

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