Amazon Q Business now available with new app-builder capabilities – Computerworld

Q Apps could include HR or marketing apps designed either to onboard employees or to automate tasks. They can be accessed via the Amazon Q Business application environment, the company said; Q Apps is enabled by default and can be switched off from the Amazon Q Business console.

Bukovec said a Q App is made up of a collection of cards, with each card serving as a  user interface element that can be combined with other cards to generate an application.

“Cards take in user input, support file uploads, connect to other cards, generate text output, and allow actions through Amazon Q Business plugins,” the company said in a blog post

Enterprise users can add to the Q app, edit it, or delete a card, AWS said. 

At a more basic level, text output and plugin cards contain prompt instructions that determine how Amazon Q Business is queried to generate a response. 

“When enterprise users use the Amazon Q Apps Creator, relevant cards are automatically generated with prefilled prompts. Users can further refine these prompts using simple, natural language,” the company said.


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