Amazon Fire TV Device Deals

If you aren’t quite ready to invest in an entirely new TV, but still want to upgrade your TV and movie watching experience, then Amazon Fire TV devices are the perfect solution. Their popular streaming sticks essentially transform any TV into a smart TV, allowing you to easily access and watch content from all your favorite media apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, and more. And for those who want to boost the audio side of things, they’ve got a high-quality soundbar that’s compatible with smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks.


Best streaming devices: Top sticks and boxes for movies, media and TV

If you’re looking for the very best streaming devices you can find right now, we’ve got you sorted.

Whether you’re looking for easier streaming, voice-control navigation, or better sound, Amazon Fire TV devices have you covered — and right now, three of their most popular models are on sale.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2023

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

$35 $50 Save $15

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, you can enjoy content from Netflix, Disney+, HBO, and more in 4K ultra HD from any TV. In addition to over 30,000 free movies and episodes available on Fire TV channels, Amazon Freevee, and other platforms, your purchase comes with six months free of MGM+. For just $35 right now, it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K offers great streaming quality at a reasonable price, which is why it’s one of their more popular models. In addition to the cinematic 4K ultra HD streaming, it supports Wi-Fi 6, HDR10+, and immersive Dolby Atmos audio with an Alexa-enabled voice control remote. (This means you can simply ask Alexa to turn it up, go to Netflix, pause, etc.) Plus, you can use the remote to control your smart home, too. Since it’s on sale, you’re basically paying what you usually would for the regular Fire TV Stick, only now you’ll get to enjoy ultra HD video streaming instead.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2023

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

$40 $60 Save $20

The best in the lineup, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max offers their best and most powerful streaming experience with smoother navigation and less load time. With double the storage of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, it can support even more apps, games, and downloads. At $20 off, it’s worth splurging on Amazon’s top streaming stick.

For even smoother streaming, you’ll want to upgrade to the Fire TV Stick 4K’s bigger brother, the Amazon Fire TV Stick Max. Although it looks basically the same, the internal software features a more powerful processor and more RAM memory, which translates to faster loading times and an overall more seamless experience. It’s also their only streaming stick with Fire TV Ambient Experience, which lets you display thousands of museum-quality works of art and photography on your screen. While it’s usually an extra $10, with the current sale prices, you’re only cashing out an extra $5 for noticeably better streaming and more features.

the soundbar with remote

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

$100 $120 Save $20

Connect this compact soundbar to your TV to enjoy a 3D virtual surround sound experience with DTS Virtual and Dolby Atmos. You’ll hear an overall fuller sound with stronger bass and crisper dialogue. Plus, it also functions as Bluetooth speaker.

Once you’ve optimized the streaming experience, you’ll need the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar to really elevate your audio experience. Although it’s compact, the dual speakers deliver full, rich 3D virtual surround sound, which will make the bass deeper and dialogue clearer as you watch all your favorite shows and movies. You can also connect via Bluetooth to stream audio and music from your phone directly, just like a speaker. While it’s not a media streaming device, you can connect it to smart TVs or TVs using a streaming stick to sync the audio.


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