Alien fears erupt as 10-foot-tall ‘strange beings’ seen walking across island | Science | News

People believe they have proof aliens exist after a new video emerged of two giant, human-like creatures strolling along the foothills of a small Brazilian island.

In the video, one of the 10-foot-tall creatures could be seen taking in the sights of Ilha do Mel, an island two miles off the coast of Southeast Brazil, while the other stood closely behind.

They were then seen eerily swinging their arms, which people believe looked human-like but it looked too big to actually be human.

The figures strode confidently along the hills, which locals say are difficult to reach, but the shrubbery barely reached the figures’ knees.

“Look at the way he moves, it’s really weird! Look at the size of those pasts, it’s very fast,” responds another.

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The video gained even more attention when it surfaced on social media, which had recently exploded with claims from Floridians asserting the presence of 10-foot-tall aliens casually strolling through a Miami mall.

“For me, it’s enough to see the speed with which this creature goes down the hill.

“Anyone who has done trails on hills like this knows that you don’t go down a hill like this in 1-2 minutes,” expressed one Instagram user.

“The way they move reminds a lot of the [Men in Black] critters,” remarked another.

One individual wrote: “One thing I do know… I will never step there again.”

More skeptical users added their opinions, suggesting that the eerie video was likely a result of forced perspective.

Even the Brazilian government joined in on the fun, though notably refraining from confirming whether the giants were tourists from another country or another planet.

“Surreaaaaaaal what happened on Ilha do Mel!!! Great Summer at Paraná is another story and even ‘strange beings’ came to check it out,” stated the state government of Paraná on X.


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