Alfa Romeo Junior 2024 preview: specs and full details of the car that used to be Milano

In addition, the Elettrica and Ibrida models are being offered with a launch edition, called Speciale. It mixes many of the key functions from the three packs, so it includes red paint and 18-inch alloy wheels, plus a unique upholstery finish, a leather-covered steering wheel, eight-colour ambient lighting and keyless entry and start.

Q&A With Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO Alfa Romeo

We grabbed some time with the Alfa Romeo CEO at the launch event back when the car was called Milano… 

Which bit of the Milano are you most proud of?

“I’m very proud that we are launching it with the sport version, the Veloce. I personally fought a lot to be able to say, ‘I’ve launched it with the sporty version first – 20-inch wheels, etc.’ The way we’ve worked on this car is really cool.”

Is there anything you’d like to have added, given unlimited funds?

“It’s not a question about having a blank cheque but if I had no regulations, I’d bring in a 300bhp engine. But I’m working within the rules. I already have the engine, in fact, but what do I tell my kids when it is 46 degrees in Sicily this summer?”

What will Milano do for your customer base?

“In some countries it could be more than 40 per cent of our sales. Traditionally our customer is 53 years of age, a petrolhead and quite rich. We have already seen this change with Tonale, which has brought in more female customers and more business-to-business (fleet) buyers. And you bring that below an average of 40,000 euros. With Milano, everything will change – you will have an important effect on gender mix, and average price paid, depending on the countries and region.”

What about the UK? You’re still undecided on whether to sell the petrol hybrid here. Why is that?

“I don’t want to disclose information that we’re not absolutely sure on. But you’re not an easy country to deal with; I love the UK, but it’s not easy! One minute I’m being told we have to hit a certain percentage of EV sales in March, the next there is maybe some movement or flexibility. It’s the same in other places too, of course. I will try to face the expectations of the customers and I know they are not black and white – they can be grey as well.”

Now, what do you think of Alfa’s latest arrival? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…


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