Adweek Podcast: Marketing Oppenheimer Was More Than Just an Ad Campaign

Director Christopher Nolan designed Oppenheimer with IMAX in mind. He captured the film with IMAX cameras, and only in IMAX theaters will these sequences expand vertically to fill the entire screen. The immersive cinematic experience provided audiences with even greater scope and breathtaking image quality.

So how does a marketing team even begin to promote such a refined work of art?

On the latest episode of Yeah That’s Probably an Ad, community editor Luz Corona and Europe brand editor Rebecca Stewart are joined by Denny Tu, global CMO of IMAX, to discuss how the marketing machine of IMAX goes deeper than merely promoting a film. In an inspiring and insightful conversation, Tu shares the importance of working with filmmakers like Nolan to ensure the consumer experience is up to par with the creator’s passion, where the minds and hearts of movie-goers are as they continue to emerge from the shadow of Covid and why marketers should dig deeper into the “peculiar” data points that jump off the page.

Beginning Jan. 12, Oppenheimer will be re-released in 15 IMAX 70mm film locations globally, building to a wide IMAX release on Jan. 26 (following the announcement of Academy Award nominations). The film will run until Jan. 31.

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Stay tuned after the episode for another fun chat with John Bizzell, awards lead at WARC, who shares why the awards are so important to the industry and tips on how to win big.

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