Acura ZDX is a Google-powered premium EV with 325 miles of range and a $60K price tag

Here’s the Acura ZDX, a $60,000 premium electric vehicle with a Google-powered brain and 325 miles of range. It signals the return of the ZDX, which was discontinued over a decade ago after poor sales.

The ZDX will be the second EV from Honda / Acura, after the 2024 Honda Prologue. Both vehicles are expected to start deliveries next year — though it’s unclear which will come first. And like the Prologue, the ZDX will be the product of the three-year-old partnership with General Motors, with the US automaker’s Ultium battery serving as a foundation.

The ZDX appears to have many of the same styling and themes presented as part of the Precision concept car last year

Acura says the ZDX will come in two trims with multiple variations. The base model A-Spec, which starts at $60,000, will come in a rear-wheel configuration with 340 horsepower, as well as an all-wheel drive version (no horsepower estimate). There will also be a 50-50 weight distribution for improved handling. The RWD version will have more range, with an estimated 325 miles per charge, while the AWD version is expected to get 315 miles.

The sportier Type S trim will come with a performance-tuned dual-motor powertrain and a starting price of $70,000. Acura calls the Type S, with a 500-horsepower powertrain, “the most powerful and best performing Acura SUV ever.” There’s also a height-adjustable air suspension with performance-tuned dampers. Of course, you sacrifice range for performance, with the Type S only getting an estimated 288 miles of range on a single charge.

Both trims will feature a 102kWh battery that Acura says can add nearly 81 miles of range after 10 minutes of DC fast charging. And with Google built-in services like navigation, battery preconditioning can reduce overall charge times. Acura says the ZDX will be able to accept up to 190kW of fast charging.

The sportier Type S trim will come with a performance-tuned dual-motor powertrain and a starting price of $70,000

Speaking of Google, while the ZDX will come with native Google features like Google Maps and music streaming, the EV will still support phone mirroring like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There will be two screens inside: an 11-inch digital gauge cluster and an 11.3-inch center touchscreen. With the native Android software, navigation features like Google Maps can be displayed on either screen.

With a wheelbase of 121 inches, the ZDX looks to be similar in size to the Honda Prologue as well as other premium EV SUVs like the Cadillac Lyriq and Audi Q8 E-tron. We’re still missing some specs, such as cargo capacity for the two-row vehicle.

There are multiple drive modes, including a Sport mode for maximum acceleration and response. The 15.6-inch Brembo front brakes with six-piston yellow calipers will help bring things to a smooth stop. Those brakes sit within 22-inch wheels and wider 275/40ZR22 self-sealing tires.

Acura will be accepting preorders for the ZDX later this year. And in addition to being the first Honda / Acura vehicle to be sold online, the company is also developing a marketplace for charging products. The goal is to connect ZDX owners “with a network of pre-vetted local installers through the support of dedicated Expert Energy Advisors, who will help clients select the home charging solution that best fits their needs,” Acura says.


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