A glimpse at the powerful future of information – Computerworld

By combining socially acceptable glasses, the option for user prescriptions, high-quality microphones, speakers and sensors (like Ray-Ban Meta glasses) and great computer voices like, Perplexity could own the immediate future of AI glasses, which is growing into a killer category. 

Another area Perplexity AI could dominate is fact-checking. Because its version of PageRank is so good, Perplexity AI is already a great place to do everyday fact checking. By simply adding a link to a story and asking Perplexity AI if the information in the article is true — or just asking if a claim is true — the site does an outstanding job most of the time debunking disinformation and setting the context for the information. 

For example, I asked Perplexity AI: “Are chemtrails real?”

It replied: “Chemtrails, as described by conspiracy theories, are not real. The term “chemtrails” is often used by conspiracy theorists to suggest that the visible trails left by aircraft in the sky are composed of chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for nefarious purposes. However, extensive scientific research and expert analysis have debunked these claims.”


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