8 Best Podcasts You Should Start Listening

8 Best Podcasts You Should Start Listening

Podcasts? The word is known even to children by now. No one can imagine a world without podcasts these days. After all, it makes a journey pleasant. Or making chores bearable. Some podcasts help you sleep well too. In short, podcasts are integral to our lives now. Nobody had heard of podcasts twenty years ago. Slowly, people started making it, and by 2020, it had grown beautifully. Now there are podcasts about everything. The options are endless, from informing people about financing to motivational and true crime thrillers.

They work because of their simplicity. Anyone with content and communication skills can start a podcast. If you want to find the best podcasts ever, try the ones mentioned below.

Start with this

Start with this podcast that entertains you and makes you smart. Jeffrey Cranor’s podcast is an interactive experience. Here, you listen to the podcast first. Then, you get assignments from Jeffrey. It can be a writing assignment. Or something else. But in the process of finishing it, you undoubtedly learn something creative. For brands looking to start their podcast, try Wavelength Creative’s podcast services. They work with brands to get their podcasts to the heights of success.

Dark House

Want to hear a podcast about paranormal activities at old homes? Try ‘Dark House.’ First, the hosts, Alyssa Fiorentino and Hadley Mendelsohn, editors of House Beautiful, talk to experts. Then, the paranormal and other experts and authors tell tales of infamous American homes. A truly wonderful podcast that will keep you hooked.

Reply All

An interesting podcast that talks about the internet. The podcast covers a wide range of topics covering internet culture. The hosts, Emmanuel Dzotsi and Alex Goldman, talk about anything weird or exciting happening on the internet. A fun episode was when the hosts went to India to confront a cold caller. It rarely happens on podcasts. What makes this podcast even more exciting is the interaction between the hosts. It is interesting, fun, and enthralling. Moreover, the production company researches the topics well to bring out something new every time.

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Every adult questions themselves when they go on bad dates. Or when you don’t find nice people to date. Or when your crush doesn’t ask you out on a date. All these questions seem unanswerable. Right? Not anymore! Nicole Byer hosts the podcast ‘Why won’t you date me?’ She discusses modern dating, open relationships, and more in each episode. It can get raunchy, so be cautious when listening.


Criminal, one of the best true-crime podcasts, should be on your list. It is a well-researched podcast hosted by Phoebe Judge. It started in 2014 and is still running, showing its hold on the genre. The podcast talks about everyone who has done something wrong. But, unfortunately, it also talks about people who are wronged.

You Must Remember This.

Are you a fan of Hollywood? Then you would love learning about its scandalous past. The host, Karina Longworth, talks about such scandals, which people often forget. It is fascinating and well-researched. It talks about Howard Hughes’s love affairs and many other things.

In the Dark

A podcast about the US justice system. It talks about the delay in justice on many occasions. For instance, the first season talks about the abduction of Jacob Wetterling. It took the authorities 27 years to solve the kidnapping of an 11-year-old boy. The second season dedicates itself to learning why Curtis Flowers, a black man, was tried six times. That too for the same crime. There are other special reports about multiple things. Give it a try if you like learning about the justice system. It’s one of a kind and quite addictive.

The Shrink Next Door

A podcast about a psychiatrist who entangles himself in a crime. The podcast will blow your mind. There is a newer version starring Paul Rudd, again a masterpiece.

From celebrities to YouTubers to common people, everyone is starting a podcast. Spotify, iTunes, and more allow people to share their work with tons of people. Want to start a podcast? Begin your journey by listening to the best ones. It lets you know what is missing in the podcast world, which your podcast can fill in.

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