7 Video Game Characters Who Would Make Great Among Us Impostors

Among Us is an online murder mystery game where you take on the roles of crew mates aboard a spaceship, trying to fix it before the murderous imposter(s) kills you all. A certain level of deviousness is required to succeed.

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Among countless video game characters, there are a number of them who would dominate the game as an impostor. These characters have mastered the art of subterfuge, and are even behind some of the most iconic plot twists in gaming history. They will do whatever it takes to fulfill their desires, even if it means getting their hands dirty.


7 Dutch Van Der Linde – Red Dead Redemption

Dutch Van Der Linde standing in his campsite (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Dutch, the trusted leader of the Van Der Linde Gang, is quite an intricate character. Similar to Robin Hood – he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Unfortunately, Dutch’s arrogance and greed took over, which led to the downfall of his gang members in Red Dead Redemption 2.

He managed to manipulate them into following his plans despite the risks and casualties. He had no problem leaving behind or betraying those that went against him or slowed him down. Seeing the man that the characters and even us ourselves looked up to slowly turn from hero to villain is truly heartbreaking. In the end, you never know who you can truly trust.

6 Samuel Drake – Uncharted

Samuel Drake standing in a jungle

Samuel Drake, Nathan Drake’s infamous older brother, has proven to be the more commendable impostor of the two. Although both are competent thieving liars, Sam’s masterly deceit in Uncharted 4 fooled not only Nate, but the entire audience as well.

Sam’s obsession with finding Avery’s Treasure, made him betray even his own brother and recklessly put his life at risk. The fact that Sam can blatantly lie to his own blood just comes to show that he is willing to go to extreme measures to achieve his goals, no matter the cost. His selfishness will undoubtedly make him a worthy impostor.

5 Gaunter O’Dimm – The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Gaunter O'Dimm takes Olgierd's soul

At the beginning of The Witcher 3, players first come across Gaunter O’Dimm in the White Orchard’s Tavern looking just like any other person, unbeknownst to everyone that he’s actually one of the most powerful and scariest individuals in the Witcher series – it is frightening how well he blends in with the crowd given his true nature.

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Gaunter is capable of granting any wishes, although is only willing to do so in exchange for someone’s soul. People are tricked into making deals with him where he often has the upper hand. He sits back in amusement and watches his victims mess up their lives. He knows exactly how to toy with people and manipulate situations to his advantage. Considering his sly nature, he will most likely enjoy killing every crewmate on board just to collect their souls.

4 Ada Wong – Resident Evil

Ada Wong Wearing a Red Sweater from Resident Evil 4 (2023)

Resident Evil’s world-class corporate spy Ada Wong is known for cunningly dealing with top-secret missions. She will form an alliance with whomever she would benefit from but has no problem double-crossing them if she needs to – the very reason she is such an effective spy.

Her intelligence and manipulating skills are so unmatched that she even managed to trick high-ranking figures into believing they were in a serious romantic relationship, only so she could gain access to company secrets. She’ll do anything and everything to accomplish her missions. If you ever run into Ada, make sure you don’t fall for her charms – it’s a trap.

3 Patches – Soulsborne Games

Patches The Hyena from Demon's Souls squatting down and looking to the upper left while smirking

Patches is an infamous NPC known for being an opportunistic trickster. He appears throughout the Soulsborne games and establishes a reputation for lying and luring you into traps by promising valuable treasures. To be fair, he does sound convincing. However, it turns out he just wants to murder you.

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You’ll get fooled in the most shameful ways; he either leaves you baffled or face palming out of embarrassment that you fell for it. Despite this, you learn to love the guy as his mischievous antics provide a sense of playfulness amid the darkness the world of the souls games exudes. In addition, he also redeems himself by selling you useful items to make up for his murder attempts.

2 Frank Fontaine – BioShock

Frank Fontaine looking at Elizabeth (BioShock: Infinite)

Frank Fontaine is a wicked, yet highly intelligent individual who masterfully crafted possibly the most staggering video game twist. At the beginning of BioShock, you’re introduced to Atlas, a friendly ally believed to be guiding Jack around Rupture City via a radio device. However, it turns out that he was actually the lying and manipulative antagonist Frank. He tricked not only Jack, but also all of us into following all his instructions to accomplish his evil scheme.

Although he does it with the help of a hypnotic trigger phrase, Frank Fontaine perfectly shows just how we all blindly follow and execute a given structure, yet still believe that our previous actions and achievements were of our own free will or doing. No matter how much you hate the guy, Frank’s deception is what made BioShock the phenomenal game it is today.

1 Tohru Adachi – Persona 4

persona 4 golden adachi on a red background

Nobody can pull off being an impostor better than Tohru Adachi, the cheerful police detective who blended in with the crowd so flawlessly that he even managed to join the investigation team to “help” solve the murder cases. He makes up convincing theories and leads the police to the wrong person while actually being the culprit all along. There’s nothing more genius than that.

When asked why he murders people, he just casually responds by saying that “I could do it, that’s all. And it was fun.” The perfect embodiment of what a great Among Us impostor is – doing it for the sake of entertainment.

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