7 iPhone tips and tricks to help you plan your summer vacations

It’s that time of the year when you are either planning to go on a vacation, or already travelling to that dream destination. If you have already packed more than just a swimsuit and a good book, ensure that your trusty iPhone is coming along for the ride. From planning the perfect itinerary to reliving cherished moments like epic sunsets after you return, your iPhone holds the key to that annual summer escape. Here are some iPhone hacks that can help you make the most of your summer adventures.

Take a photo of ID card from an iPhone

  • If you have not got time from your busy schedule to go to a studio and get a photo clicked, an iPhone is there to save the day. You can have your friend take a photo or use a tripod to take a snap in a well-lit condition.
  • Ensure the phone is set to Light Mode.
  • Tap and hold on the subject of your image to lift it from the background, then tap “Copy” and paste the image into a new note in the Notes app.
  • In the Notes app, take a screenshot of the note, and open it in Photos.
  • Tap “Edit,“ and “Crop.“
  • Select the rectangular icon in the top right, and select the required aspect ratio.
  • Tap “Done“ and your new ID photo is ready for upload!

Pack smarter with packing list template in RemindersPacking can be a chore, but the Reminders app on your iPhone can help:

  • Start by creating a new list in Reminders or open an existing list you already use for packing.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your list. Then, choose “Save as Template.”
  • Give your template a clear name, like “Goa”, tap “Save.”
  • When you’re ready to pack again, tap the square overlapping squares icon at the bottom of the Reminders screen. This opens the Templates view.
  • Select the packing list template you want to use, give it a trip-specific name, and tap “Create.” Now you have a fresh copy of your list, ready to be edited for your upcoming adventure!

Explore like local with Apple Maps
You will get various curated itineraries but crafting your own is fun. If you have an iPhone, you can use Apple Maps’ “My Guides” feature to curate a list of must-see spots:

  • In the Apple Maps app, scroll down until you see the “My Guides” section.
  • Tap “New Guide” to start, give it a title and tap create.
  • Tap the plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner to search for locations – restaurants, museums, and hidden gems.
  • Tap “Done” when you have completed the list.
  • Tap your profile picture in the top right corner of the Maps search card.
  • Select “Guides” and choose the one you want to share. Finally, tap the Share icon to send your guide to others.

Offline maps and location sharing with AirTag

  • With offline maps in iOS 17 and later, users can download offline Maps for offline navigation.
  • Search for the name of the area to save for offline use.
  • Tap “Download.” Then you can adjust the size of the area on the map to optimise storage.
  • Tap “Download” again to begin your download.

  • AirTag now allows users to share a location with up to 5 people. To keep a track of your luggage or people in your group:
  • First add an AirTag as one of your registered items.
  • Bring your AirTag near your iPhone, then tap “Connect” and give it a name.
  • Then, register it with your Apple ID.
  • Under “Items,” tap the item you want to share, scroll down to “Share This AirTag,” tap “Add Person,” and the person will receive an invitation on their phone.


Tell your friends you’ve arrived using Check-In feature

  • If you tend to forget telling your friends about your location, you can use Check In to automatically update them upon safely reaching your destination. If progress halts, your designated contact will receive details like the last known location of the device, battery percentage, and more.
  • To start a Check In, open a conversation in the Messages app and tap the plus sign on the bottom left.
  • Tap “More,” tap “Check In,” and then tap “Edit” to add details.
  • You can choose “When I Arrive“ or “After a timer.” Tap send.

Translate using Translate app
If you are travelling to a country where people speak a language that you don’t know, an iPhone gets you covered. You can use the Translate app as a personal interpreter.

Select the languages, enter text or tap the microphone icon, and speak — the app will automatically translate for you.
To translate written text, like signs and menus, tap “Camera,“ select your languages, and point your iPhone at the text. The app translates the text in real time as you move the camera.

Use Photos app to find and share your vacation snaps

  • iPhone users can quickly browse photos by location in the Places album.
  • Select a location on the map and see all your photos taken there.
  • In the Photos app, tap the photos you want to share in a high-res file format.
  • Tap the share sheet, then scroll and select “Copy iCloud Link.“
  • Paste the link to share the full-quality photos via Messages or however you’d like.


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