7-Eleven, Kellanova and Milani Cosmetics CMOs Share Their Bold Takes

5. Emilio Collins, partner and chief business officer at Excel Sports Management, thinks marketers need to rethink what authenticity means:

“Authenticity in marketing has become anything but. Brands [are] finding every angle to position themselves as authentic, without actually being true to their ethos or the maturity of the audience they are targeting.

“How do we redefine what it means to truly be authentic in today’s marketing landscape?”

6. Good Feet Worldwide CMO Doug Zarkin has questions about driving connection in the age of AI:

“In this era of automation, how can a brand genuinely embody the essence of human connection and stay attuned to the needs of its audience?”

7. Marisa Thomas, CMO at Good-Loop, says it’s time to talk about marrying purpose with growth:

“The responsibility for a brand to do good is nearly always placed on the desk of marketing leaders. However, the purpose remit is growing as more is expected across the three pillars of people, planet and profit.

“It feels impossible for all three to be prioritized equally. So do we believe brands really need to be good to grow?”

8. Tyra Neal, CMO at Vivid Seats, wants to see brands walk the walk on DEI:

“How do we make good on our promises to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to our organizations and our teams—when DEI has become a ‘dirty word’? 

“Does DEI need a re-branding effort so we can continue on this good & valuable work?”

9. Jennifer Polk, Feed America’s CMO and digital experience officer, thinks marketers need to showcase the value of their department:

“For marketing leaders to show up as executive leaders first, and functional leaders second, what roles do we play in helping the organization recognize the full potential value, and the cost and risk of emerging marketing tactics, tools, and platforms?

“From Generative AI to niche social media platforms, how do we help organizations see the potential and plan for resources needed to test, learn and scale in order to realize that potential?”

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