3 Tips for an Effective Design of Your Bottle

3 Tips for an Effective Design of Your Bottle

It has been said lots of times that the content is way more important than the container itself, but it is important to note that when a customer finds a product for the first time, the bottle will have a strong impact on influencing the perception of a wine, spirit, or liquor brand.

The Right (and Unique) Shape of the Bottle Will Stand out from the Crowd

Let’s imagine a very common situation that it can be possible to look at in the everyday life: a customer is searching for a new spirit to taste, but he/she doesn’t know anything about the products or the brands available on the alcoholic drinks shelf at the supermarket. This person is looking around for some spirit to drink with family or friends and it is clear that an eye-catching design glass as the one by Vetroelite – an Italian company known for the high quality artisanal look of its glass packaging – will make the difference in inspiring its choice. In the alcohol industry, winemakers and spirits producers know exactly what the right choice for their products is, when it comes to the bottles. For example, if they need to bottle a sparkling wine, winemakers make sure to choose a heavier and often darker colour bottle, because it will be suitable for the characteristics of this wine. In this case, the bottle must in fact withstand the high level of pressure that is typical of sparkling wine. Spirits or liquor bottle design is not just a matter of feeling or first impression: the container must also be handled with comfort by the customers, as well as preserve the quality of its content. The balance between the uniqueness of the bottle shape and the easiness of handling it has to be carefully considered when the brand wants to stand out from the competition. For whiskey or cognac, it is usually chosen rounded shape among the other bottle styles, and this choice could also be inspired by the desire to stick the image of grapes in the customers’ minds. In some cases, spirits producers that want to bring some innovative design to the bottles of their products decide to customise the shape, choosing between long-necked or squared style.

A Delicate Balance Between Shape, Colour, and Size

Colours and sizes also play a relevant role when a brand is searching for a disruptive approach for its bottle style design strategy. It is interesting to note that for a high-quality product, one that can be positioned in a premium market segment, quantity is probably the most important detail in focusing the strategy. When it comes to marketing levers, for premium brands there is nothing as effective as scarcity: customers that desire a product and perceive a lack of availability will yearn for having it. Spirits producers that manage this trend in the best way will probably choose a small size for their customized style bottles. A small quantity of spirit will suggest in the customers’ minds that the product is precious and rare. Shape and size of the packaging however are only two of the key features that a company can consider when it needs to make its products unique. Customers can look at the spirits as something magical and mysterious as the alchemist products: it is quite easy to imagine that flasks with coloured liquids can be associated with spirits bottles. To get customers’ attention, brands should also consider paying attention to colours and choosing the bottle that enhances the unique characteristics of the spirit composition.

The Eye-Grabbing Details You Must Have on a Spirit Bottle

Brands that want to look different from their competitors should consider also that the bottles they choose for their spirits must have some eye-catching details on their design. It is relevant to remember here that the size of the bottle can set the limit to the available surface that can be used to display the most precious brand details. The logo, an award or a distinction can be customized in their appearance by choosing a particular printing technique or a premium paper. An embossed detail on the label surface can be the best choice for example if it is necessary to highlight how long a spirit has been aged. If a spirit’s producer is looking for a solution to communicate the natural composition of a product, that company could use a blind debossed printed detail on natural paper to highlight its commitment to the sustainability of its business model. A precious gilded detail will be the best choice for a brand that wants to reflect on every detail its premium quality. In this case, the design of the label can be focused on the name of the spirit as well as a rare ingredient whose printing can be embellished with gold or copper gilded lamination.

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