3 Link-Building Strategies for SaaS Companies

3 Link-Building Strategies for SaaS Companies

Outreach is simply the act of reaching out to a website owner and tell them about your interest in getting a backlink from them. SaaS link building services can take care of this link building process for SaaS companies.

However, if you want to do this by yourself, you can build your network by reaching out to people. For example, people you have worked with previously can be approached again for co-marketing activities.

The key to success is choosing websites with higher authority. As it will be reflected in Google’s preferred search results, this score must be higher.

Although link building for SaaS can be difficult, once you have accumulated those backlinks, your rank on the SERP will improve. You will reap the long-term rewards of having the right kind of backlinks.

You need to know the plan if you want to create high-quality links to your website in order to meet various marketing goals. Therefore, we will be highlighting some proven ways to get backlinks.

Here are three popular link-building strategies for SaaS companies that you can try.

Link-Building Strategies for SaaS Companies

SaaS marketers can use many methods to gain backlinks for websites. Many of these are related to relevant content that you may have in a niche market for the right audience. Here are three strategies that a SaaS SEO agency usually use for their client.

1. Replicate the Links of Successful Competitors

Link building for SaaS companies can be both a fun and challenging task. So, let’s not make it difficult or stressful. Instead, let’s keep it fun and exciting by reverse engineering the link-building of your competitors.

Let’s take an example to illustrate this. Let’s say that XYZ SaaS Company has a higher ranking than you. This is where the trick lies. First, find links that link to your rival, not to you. Next, get their contact information and convince them to link back to you as well.

2. Backlinks from Community Sites

Community websites like Quora and Reddit are the best. These are the best link sources to boost search engine results.

The best way to get your business noticed is through community sites. These sites allow you to reach the right audience and build a good relationship with them. This method of link building can help you track your business’ visibility and produce more customers by understanding their needs and preferences.

These communities will usually provide a no follow link, but it’s fine for your site to have both do-follow and no-follow links.

Although it may not give you a lot of authority, a no-follow URL could send valuable traffic in your direction and eventually lead to do-follow ones. But keep in mind that many community sites allow do-follow linking, which makes them the best place to promote businesses.

As you might be able to place your link, participating in these discussions can prove to be extremely beneficial.

It is equally important to finding the right community site that suits your SaaS business. If there is no positive engagement, it is pointless spending time on sites that don’t offer many benefits.

You can attract more attention by leaving thoughtful and contextual comments. Blog comments are no-follow links, but they are a great way for people to interact with you and eventually link back to your site.

3. Case Studies and Research

Research and case studies, just like statistics, require time and resources to collect and frame. However, a case study is a great way to educate anyone, whether you are a marketer or someone in the target audience.

Marketers like you can get a lot of backlinks from these types of content pieces. These links are used to verify the authenticity of other claims.

These pieces can be called assets, as they are valuable and unique to potential customers of SaaS companies. Furthermore, these pieces are also valuable resources for further market research.

You will gain authority and credit in your niche if your reports are reliable and authentic.


As a SaaS company owner, you should understand the benefits of link building and how to use it to benefit your SaaS business.

Link building is an essential part of SEO as it plays a significant role in Google’s ranking of web pages. Therefore, you could be missing potential business opportunities if you don’t use link-building strategies.

Link-building strategies can help you increase your rank and create high-quality SEO marketing campaigns that will grow your SaaS business.

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