2024 is the year for enterprise growth and Satoshi’s legacy: Calvin Ayre

The year 2024 will be pivotal to enterprise blockchain adoption, says Ayre Group and CoinGeek Founder Calvin Ayre.

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In his customary end-of-year message to the blockchain world, Ayre wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year. BSV blockchain will continue to prove its worth as the only blockchain worthy of large-scale enterprise use, and the only one built to handle the demands of Web3 applications, artificial intelligence (AI), and users’ best interests with its high-speed capacity and low prices.

Ayre kicks off his message with some of BSV blockchain’s impressive stats for 2023, in which it continued to “push the envelope in terms of what’s possible when you build applications on a truly scalable blockchain.” After taking 14 years to process its first 2 billion transactions, BSV blockchain had already processed another billion in 2023 by September, including over 128 million in a single day.

“This is irrefutable evidence of BSV’s capacity for growth. And we’re only getting started,” he said.

The statistics will only become more impressive with the launch of Teranode, BSV blockchain’s re-write of the Bitcoin protocol software (which still follows all of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original rules). A six-month sustained test will begin in January 2024. Teranode is built to handle well over a million transactions per second (that’s right, per second) and coupled with BSV’s ultra-low fee structure, it will “enable solutions to a host of heretofore unworkable problems.”

BSV blockchain is built for Web3 and AI

Ayre calls out Web3 and artificial intelligence (AI) applications as key opportunities for the BSV blockchain to grow and shine. Although long-promised as world changers, these two fields have often underwhelmed in reality. Web3 promotes a user-centric model of the worldwide web, using blockchain technology to return control over data to its creators. But this has so far been “a buzzword with no real-world impact,” he says. This is mainly due to people trying to build Web3 solutions on blockchains that can’t scale.

Web3 requires vast numbers of unique IP addresses to function well, and only scalable enterprise blockchain technology like BSV—together with machine learning and IPv6, “is the formula that will finally make Web3 a reality.”

Scalability and low fees were also vital to building reliable artificial intelligence networks. BSV will lower the barrier for generating the tokens that large language models (LLMs) require to process and generate language.

“There’s no denying that AI was a hot chick at the technology bar in 2023. But AI embarrassed nearly as often as it impressed, thanks to its tendency towards hallucinations. Large language models need to train on immutable blockchain-based data to ensure accuracy,” Ayre said.

COPA, Satoshi’s legacy, and the ‘tipping point’

Ayre also expresses his confidence that Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright will prevail in his legal defense against the anti-competitive Silicon Valley cabal COPA. The so-called “open patent alliance” (which is anything but that) has sought to nullify Dr. Wright’s vast intellectual property library by repudiating his past as the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, a fight Ayre describes as a David vs. Goliath scenario.

COPA may deny Dr. Wright’s identity but they can’t challenge the body of already-patented work he’s amassed. Ayre believes Dr. Wright will win and wishes him well in the trial (due to begin early in 2024), but whatever the outcome, the cabal’s members “will be dealing with Dr. Wright’s legacy for decades to come.”

He predicts the trial will signify a tipping point, one where the world begins to take a closer look at the creations that have come out of Dr. Wright’s brain.

“Digital technology is remorseless in its desire to expand its reach, both in terms of processing power and bandwidth. BSV is equally remorseless in its ability to expand to meet the needs of enterprises, not just today but far into the future.”

“Mark my words, BSV is building the strong and secure rails on which the world’s data will travel.”

Next May, the enterprise blockchain world will gather again in the United Kingdom for London Blockchain Conference 2024, for “three jam-packed days of educational presentations and vigorous but healthy debate.” CoinGeek agrees with this, and looks forward to seeing everyone there in person.

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