2023’s top Google Assistant advice for Android

One of Android’s most underappreciated advantages is its tight integration with the excellent and ever-evolving Google Assistant voice command genie.

It’s easy to take Assistant for granted, being a person who carries around an Android phone every day. It’s just always there, usually quietly waiting. And it’s certainly not perfect.

But Assistant can do some spectacularly useful stuff. And all it takes is 10 minutes with an iPhone to remind yourself just how good we’ve got it.

These bits of advanced Google Assistant knowledge from Android Intelligence over the past year will help you tap into some of the service’s most advanced and out-of-sight possibilities. Check ’em out, store ’em deep in your brain’s internal storage, and be sure to come sign up for my Android Intelligence newsletter when you’re done to get even more off-the-beaten-path knowledge in your inbox every Friday — direct from me to you.

Your 4-part Android Assistant power-up

15 little-known Google Assistant tricks for Android

Google Assistant can do more than you’d realize, especially on Android.

5 hidden settings for a smarter Google Assistant Android experience

Give your favorite phone’s helper an extra injection of intelligence with these easy-to-miss advanced settings.

5 more out-of-sight options to supercharge Google Assistant on Android

Keep the good times goin’ with these awesome options for efficiency enhancement.

How to unlock Google Assistant’s most advanced Android shortcuts

Some of Assistant’s best time-savers on Android are up to you to dig up and activate. 

Hey Google: Keep the good stuff comin’ in 2024, won’t ya?

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