2023 BMW M3 Beaten by 1 BMW Electric Car!

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more standard these days. With Tesla cornering the market on performance EVs, other established brands are taking action to develop electric cars to meet market demands. BMW is taking strides in recent years to build performance competitors that are starting to rival the automaker’s ICE cars. The 2023 BMW i4 M50 has shown this by beating the newest BMW M3 competition in a few categories. Here is a comparison between the two top sedans from BMW.

2023 BMW M3 competition vs. 2023 BMW i4 M50: What are the differences?

2021 BMW i4 M50 blue
2021 BMW i4 M50 | BMW

We have looked at several areas in this comparison of the two BMW sedans. These areas include performance, interior design, technology, gas mileage, cargo space, reliability, and pricing. The most crucial difference is that the BMW i4 is entirely electric, while the M3 competition is a standard internal combustion engine car. Although both wear the M badge, the M3 is a dedicated M performance car. The i4 M50 is an M performance package for the standard i4 EV.